NFL Sapient is proud to announce that it will be expanding its coverage of the NFL to two professional football leagues now receiving National recognition. NFL Sapient Owner John Vogel says that “it is impossible to ignore the growth of American Football as it has begun to take an international stage.” As a result, NFL Sapient will be covering The Spring League and The European League of Football in 2021 and beyond.

“I want to be sure to provide the most complete NFL coverage I can humanly provide,” Vogel said in his statement.

With the addition of the coverage of these two leagues, NFL Sapient aims to hire a series of new writers who will focus on these leagues and provide additional insight to the website.

Why NFL Sapient will cover The Spring League

The Spring League prides itself as an organization that has already produced NFL talent to the league. Previously just four teams, the TSL has expanded to eight teams this season and inked a television deal with Fox Sports.

“We will be looking for the next NFL players to join the alumni from TSL ranks,” Vogel said in his statement.

The TSL has produced 104 players to the NFL since 2017 – a very substantial number for a growing organization which will double their roster size and team size in 2021.

The European League of Football is launching in July and will feature eight teams from across Belgium, Germany, and Spain. This will be a pool of international talent that potentially will begin producing NFL players. Recently, we’ve seen European players enter the NFL Draft. Several have made practice squads in recent years. We can expect this league to field NFL talent at some point in the near future, and NFL Sapient will be looking for it.

“We wish the best to the success of these professional leagues,” Vogel stated, “and hope that these leagues will thrive in our current world, now bigger and more inclusive than ever.”

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By John Vogel

NFL Draft Analyst. Dad.

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