Tra Minter runs from action at South Alabama before the start of his career in The Spring League with the Linemen.

At one time, Tra Minter was a star utility back at South Alabama. His name litters the South Alabama record book, the man that future generations of Jaguar running backs will be chasing. Minter is the South Alabama all-purpose yards record holder, having compiled 4,422 yards in his three years as a player from 2017-2019.

Coming out of college, Minter attended the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, an event put on by Ric Serittella and crew and covered well by the NFL Draft Bible. Minter had a good week but ultimately wound up undrafted with no undrafted free agent offers.

I got the chance to text with Minter about his career, following being named my fifth overall prospect in the Spring League. He is playing this season in the North Division in Indianapolis with the Linemen.

Here’s what Tra Minter had to say.

NFL Sapient interview with RB Tra Minter, Linemen (South Alabama Jaguars)

John Vogel (NFL Sapient): The first question most fans will have about the Spring League who aren’t too familiar with it is about the competition level. I’ve already been asked several times about the difficulty as compared to college. You played at South Alabama, an FBS school. One game into the season, is the competition level tougher in The Spring League than in South Alabama?

Tra Minter: The competition level reminds me of the NFLPA bowl game I attended last year in January. These guys here can play ball. While I cannot yet speak for all the other teams in Texas, from what I’ve seen so far, this league has some guys that are fast and ready for the next level.

Vogel: You’re a guy who brings it all to the table. You can run well inside and outside of the tackles. You catch well. You’re a multi-dimensional return specialist. I even see you out there taking pass protection assignments. What trait do you most want to prove that you have with your performances in this league?

Minter: A trait I always like to work more on is breaking tackles and making guys miss, especially in the open field. It is something I am good at but also an area I would still like to improve on.

Vogel: When you went undrafted and then watched many other running backs get picked up as undrafted free agents, what was the thought that was running through your mind?

Minter: I was devastated and confused, but then I started to truly understand that the NFL is a business and there is talent everywhere. It made me much more hungry and aggressive in the way I approached my workouts.

Vogel: What is the difference in the Hal Mumme scheme that you’ve learned to play than what you ran at South Alabama?

Minter: They are both similar schemes and concepts. Coach Mumme is famous for his legendary offense known as “Air-Raid.” The name speaks for itself, and the offense is capable of scoring 30-50 points a game, so I’m excited to be a part of it and learn from Mumme every day I am here.

Vogel: If there is one player you look up to like someone to emulate, who would that be?

Minter: Lamar Jackson. Even though he is a quarterback, I say him because he is a guy who never quits, and despite what people may say or think about him, he doesn’t care and is willing to prove everyone wrong every time he steps on the field. A guy like myself can relate. I’ve been doubted all the way up until this point, and I’ve been a top competitor at every level of competition. So has Lamar Jackson.

Vogel: I like that one! Here’s the gold-mine question. What does football mean to you?

Minter: Football to me is a sport that not only builds but reveals character. Football to me means LIFE. In life, you get knocked down plenty of times, but you have to know how to get up and move on to the next thing. It’s the same concept in football. Get up and play the next play to the best of your ability.

Vogel: Excellent stuff, Tra. Where do you hope your football career takes you? Any career aspirations?

Minter: I want my career to continue to take me as far as I can go, and I pray that’s to the next level. Once I’m there, I do not plan to leave.

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