NFL Sapient is expanding to allow five select writers into the website to provide high-quality football content. NFL Sapient strives to bring only the highest quality football news and analysis, covering the league from multiple angles. Writers will be asked to cover the NFL, college football, the NFL Draft, various developmental football leagues, and how it pertains to the NFL.

NFL Sapient is offering $7 per 1,000 clicks to contributors on the website. Contributors will be paid out monthly, no later than the 7th of each month. There is no minimum threshold for writers to be paid.

NFL Sapient offers writers media credentials to help them expand their football network while working on the site. Not only will writers be compensated for their time writing, but they will have the opportunity to meet other people in the industry while finessing their media talents.

Please reach out to our Contact Us page and use the form to inquire about applying.

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By John Vogel

NFL Draft Analyst. Dad.

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