On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the NCAA could no longer limit compensation for education-based benefits.

“It’s tremendous to win this 9-0. Hopefully it will be the major next step on the road to a true fair competitive system for these athletes. It should have positive effects immediately on NIL. We look forward to a world that’s better for college athletes today than it was yesterday.”

Attorney Jeffery Kessler.

Currently the only type of compensation student-athletes are afforded are based on scholarships, which are capped based on school revenue. Despite the multi-billion dollar business that is NCAA sports.

The NCAA has defended its position based on the belief that I defends amateurism, a stance not shared by former NCAA athlete Shawne Alston, who originally brought the suit.

This decision opens the door for schools to be able to offer more to their student-athletes by ways of tutoring, electronic student aides, and other scholarships. It does not make it possible for them to make a salary.

But it is a big step towards compensation for NIL.

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