With 2021 The Spring League now over, it is time to take a look and evaluate potential NFL candidates. These will be quick looks from their most recent season, links to all of their film, and 5 NFL teams that they could fit into.

Player Info

C/OG Sean Brown – Generals (Houston Division)
#60 | HT: 6’4″ | WT: 318 | DOB: September 14, 1992 | High School: Uniondale High | College: Nassau Community College/Mississippi Valley State University

I made it a thing where for most of my plays if I had the opportunity to stretch it out, like if the running back or receiver got the ball, to continue to keep doing my job at all times. So I just made that extra effort and when other teams see that, they hate it. It makes them think, dang I’m gonna have to bring it every play, cause with me they know they’ll have to bring it every play.

– Sean Brown in an interview with Stathead Sports

Play History

  • 2019 Salt Lake Stallions (AAF)
  • 2019 Philadelphia Soul (AFL)
  • 2020 XFL Team 9 (XFL)
  • 2020 Generals (TSL)
  • 2021 Generals (TSL)

Recent Season – 2021 TSL Generals

  • Identifies and attacks the rush
  • Follows through blocks
  • Effectively takes over assignments to free up other linemen
  • Locks up the interior, shutting down defensive tackles
  • Makes intelligent decisions regarding assignments
  • Strong impact block
  • Does not break when double-teamed (Offense and Special Teams)
  • Not easily fooled by jukes/spin moves
  • Shows great play recognition
  • Persistent throughout each play
  • Plays at a faster pace

Potential NFL Teams

  • New England Patriots: New England loves depth at the offensive line position. With their starters locked, Brown could fight for a backup role. He provides the quickness, intelligence, and power that Belichick enjoys.
  • Chicago Bears: With the Bears failing to sign any replacement for Charles Leno, it would behoove them to add some much-needed depth. Suppose they plan to start Tevin Jenkins immediately; having a swiss army knife-like Brown could allow them to move guys around without much worry.
  • New York Giants: Andrew Thomas is still coming into his own, and Daniel Jones needs protection. Investing in an experienced guy like Sean Brown could help with the development of the younger guys while helping patch up those holes.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Just recently, the team released pro-bowler David Decastro and signed Trai Turner. A team with an offensive line that needs work and depth, the team, should be signing guys left and right to get the best, and Sean Brown would certainly be a good place to start.
  • Seattle Seahawks: Russel Wilson was running for his life in 2020, and he made it clear he wanted more out of his offensive line unit. Light a fire under them by signing Sean Brown, who will challenge current starters to improve.

More Highlights

2019 Salt Lake Stallions (AAF)

2019 Philadelphia Soul (AFL)

2020 Los Angeles Wild Cats (XFL)

2020 XFL Team 9 (XFL)

2020 Generals (TSL)

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