Starting tomorrow, every college student will be able to benefit from their name, image, and likenesses.

In what many saw coming, the NCAA suspended its ban on allowing students athletes the ability to profit from endorsements, and other forms of making money while in college.

For years the debate over amateurism has gone back and forth from whether the students should be able to make money off of jersey sales and autographs to the age-old free education is their compensation points.

Several states were already passing NIL laws that would take effect July 1st, so this decision really isn’t a surprise.

Should be noted that the schools will not be paying the athletes, that rule remains as a deterrent for schools’ use in recruitment. Nevertheless, the bigger schools will still likely see more players benefit than the smaller institutions.

This doesn’t open the door to all endorsements. Some state laws prohibit college athletes from endorsing alcohol, tobacco, or gambling.

This ruling is temporary. As the NCAA is hoping that Congress can come up with more uniform rules to apply across the board. But the fact remains, student-athletes can finally tap into the billions of dollars the NCAA makes every year off its players’ NIL.

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