On July 6th N’Keal Harry’s agent declared he wanted a trade from the Patriots, seeking a fresh start somewhere else.

I see this as a good opportunity for Harry and the Patriots, there are 10 possible trades that they could pull off.

  1. N’Keal Harry + 5th Round for Justin Coleman, CB (Dolphins)
  2. N’Keal Harry + 7th Round for Kyron Brown + 3rd (Jets)
  3. N’Keal Harry + 4th Round for Anthony Levin Sr. (Ravens)
  4. N’Keal Harry + 6th Round for Desmond King + 4th (Texans)
  5. N’Keal Harry + 5th Round for T.J. Carrie (Colts)
  6. N’Keal Harry + 6th Round for Montre Hartage + 3rd (Giants)
  7. N’Keal Harry + 7th Round for Kevon Seymour + 3rd (Eagles)
  8. N’Keal Harry + 6th Round for 3rd + 5th (Lions)
  9. N’Keal Harry + 6th Round for Briean Boddy-Calhoun + 5th (49ers)
  10. N’Keal Harry + 5th Round for 2nd + 7th (Saints)

The more realistic ones I see are acquiring Desmond King from the Texans along with a 4th. Many of these teams need depth at the receiving position, so giving them a young guy in Harry could prove beneficial. The Patriots need to look for what they didn’t address in the draft and acquire a decent cornerback. If they can not acquire a player, which is also a genuine possibility, they should try to get the best draft packages. A lot of the players listed are either older vets or backups. Still, given the opportunity to play with possibly the best defensive-minded coach in NFL history, their previous status shouldn’t matter. While I see the Texans trade happening, some lookout for Lions, Eagles, Ravens, and Dolphins.

What the Patriots could do if they move N’Keal Harry

If Harry is traded for a corner and a pick, this could set in motion a series of trades that would help bolster the Patriots for the future. It could look a little something like this:

  • Trade Harry + Draft Pick for 3rd-4th String Corner + Late Round Draft Pick.
  • Trade Stephon Gilmore for High Round Draft Pick or Multiple Picks.
  • Sign Receiver to fill the hole caused by Harry’s departure.
  • Use picks to either A) Draft younger guys to bolster the WR and CB position or B) use them as trade bait to acquire established players.

That may be me just wishfully thinking, but it does seem like a smart move to continue to build for the future while still trying to win now. Regardless, it’ll definitely be interesting to see what the Patriots do with Harry. Hopefully, it can spell good news for the future.

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By Kyle Sheridan

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