Per multiple reports, the Universities of Oklahoma and Texas are expected to announce their intent to leave the Big 12 for the SEC.

The move bears a lot of questions, mainly are they ready to pay upwards of $80 million for their exit? The money is for breaking the TV contract before it expires in 2025.

Another one is what would the Big 12 look like after? Could they still be considered a Power 5 conference? Oklahoma is the only school to get to the College Football Playoff, doing so 4 times.

A distant 2nd, and some times not even that, Texas has had a poor run recently. Desperate to find a way to right the ship.

What does it mean for the SEC? Clearly they would become the furthest western teams, but with LSU and Alabama seemingly always duking it out for the top spot in that division, adding two more teams would give the West a clear advantage.

My guess, and what I hope happens, is the SEC drops the divisions, leaving the top teams to play for the conference title.

Either way, Baylor, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Texas Tech become the favorites to win the would-be conference. But are they enough to keep the Big 12 in the Power 5, or will they decide to join the PAC 12, therefore creating super-conferences?

The idea was made by University of Texas regents chair Kevin Elfite, and sources told CBS Sports:

“I’m not saying it’s 100%, but it’s close to it in terms of being a done deal.”

The plan thus far is for the schools to inform the Big 12 that they will not be renewing the grant of rights. But leaving isn’t that simple. As we stated earlier, $80 million is due, each.

IF they plan on joining the SEC, or any other conference in 2022.

If they choose to stay until the TV rights deal expires, that’s four years of knowing the Sooners and the Longhorns have one foot out the door.

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