QB Nolan Henderson

HT: 6’0″
WT: 190
DOB: 6/26/1998
High School: Smyrna
Hometown: Smyrna, Delaware
Year: Redshirt Junior*
Phil Steele Rating: N/A

Major: Sports Management

Nolan Henderson summer scouting report

Nolan Henderson feature: Introducing Nolan Henderson.

Arm Talent (20)

Nolan Henderson has NFL-level arm talent. He has good strength, displays excellent touch, and has a solid release. He throws well on and off his platform. Henderson shows the ability to throw well to the boundary and perimeters, making long throws look easy. 16/20.

Accuracy/Placement (25)

Henderson’s accuracy sometimes leaves a bit to be desired, oftentimes making a throw behind a receiver and forcing him to adjust. However, Henderson displays adequate accuracy for the NFL level. He is a “box-accurate” quarterback and can deliver the ball to a general area. Henderson flashes the ability to work the football around defenders and can throw only where his receiver has an opportunity to make a play. 19/25.

Pocket Presence (10)

Generally, Nolan Henderson works the pocket well. He shows a good feel for the play around him and moves well to spots. He does show a tendency to want to bail too quickly and not give a chance for the play to develop, relying on his athletic ability. That’s something that we want to see Henderson clean up – being more patient. 6/10.

Footwork (10)

Henderson’s footwork is solid and consistent. He keeps himself prepared to throw at all times. His feet are light, crisp, and on time while remaining active during the play. Very mechanically sound. 8/10.

Mobility (12)

Henderson is very mobile and can keep the play alive with his feet. He’s an excellent runner downfield as well, a competent and athletic runner. He’s not always looking to keep the play alive and would rather tuck the ball and run. 9/12.

Improvability (8)

While Nolan Henderson flashes the ability to improv and makes things happen outside of the structure, he oftentimes will try to force things that aren’t there. He knows that he can throw well off his platform and, as a result, will take chances that he doesn’t need to take. 4/8.

Football IQ/Field Vision (10)

Henderson typically sees the field well. His decision-making can leave some room for improvement, as he will try to force things at times, relying on his physical abilities. Regardless, he generally stays smart and makes good decisions, reading defenses well and seeing the field. 6/10.

Leadership/Personality (5)

It’s clear from both the tape and social media that Henderson is a natural leader that his teammates rally behind. 5/5.

Injury Bonus

Nolan Henderson struggled with injuries late in the 2021 spring season, taking a shoulder injury that impacted his matches against Jacksonville State and South Dakota State. He’s tough and wants to play through it. Oftentimes, he does. +2.

Upside Bonus

There is some room for Henderson to improve in 2021. Between decision-making and being more patient in the pocket, he can massively improve this season. If he can show substantial improvement in those areas, Henderson will be a phenomenal prospect. +2.

Overall report on Nolan Henderson

Nolan Henderson shows immense promise as an FCS prospect to push the envelope on the lack of prospects coming from this level of football. He has a good arm, he’s athletically gifted, and now he needs to show the league in 2021 that he has the fundamental tools to be a potential starter.

Overall Grade: 69.

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By John Vogel

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