It’s not a possibility many analysts in media considered when the Jacksonville Jaguars announced they were signing the former Heisman-winning quarterback. What if he is actually good at playing the position?

When the Jacksonville Jaguars announced that they were signing Tim Tebow in May, many mainstream analysts criticized the move. CBS Sports Pete Prisco was among the most notable of these doubters.

Many analysts and fans have agreed with Prisco throughout the process. His hatred for Tebow went back well into his college days and was critical of the Broncos selecting him in the first round in 2010. The problem for Prisco right now is that the videos coming out from Jaguars training camp see him thriving.

So many people were quick to speak against Tebow after the signing. They said he couldn’t play. They said he couldn’t catch.

Analyzing Tim Tebow’s training camp tape

Tebow, who is 33-years old (34 years old on August 14th), no doubt has much to overcome to be on a 53-man roster. Obviously, he never played tight end throughout his football career. It was a position that the league previously wanted him to switch to, but he had politely declined, saying he was a quarterback. Now, after a stint in minor league baseball, he’s switching to that position of need and being reunited with his college coach.

There are some interesting points to take away from what has come out of the Jaguars camp so far. Let’s take a look into it.

This video showed Jaguars rookie quarterback (and presumed starter) Trevor Lawrence, throwing a touchdown pass to Tim Tebow. It was a 7-on-7 red-zone drill, where Lawrence scrambled out to find Tebow working back toward him out of the structure.

The obvious point: he didn’t get open initially. However, red zone plays are very effective if the quarterback can extend them and a receiver is smart enough to work back to the football. It also dispels the notion that Tebow can’t catch – he caught a touchdown in practice. It’s also worth noting that Jacksonville is working him out with the first team – which means that they’re interested in creating a role for him on offense.

So far, he looks like he’s in shape

From the videos and everything that have come out, Tebow looks like he’s in shape. His body, already built, looks massive. The Jaguars’ official website lists him at 6’3″ and 255 lbs, which is 20 lbs more than he was last time he was in the NFL. Judging by the videos, I think it’s safe to say that those 20 lbs aren’t fat.

In this clip above, you see the massive body frame that he’s displaying. He’s powerful, and he’s quick – just like he has been known for. The problem is his cut on the route – it’s a little bit slow, and he won’t fake anyone out with that. From that clip alone, you can see his footwork is still a little bit raw, and he doesn’t offer much ability as a route runner.

Tebow is working on his blocking, too. While he has good upper body strength, you want to see him get lower into the rep and explode upward to be an effective blocker. He’s working on it in this rep, but it’s something to monitor as camp progresses.

Lastly, Tebow is getting work in on special teams. This makes sense – he will have to have value in this part of the game to make the final 53-man roster.

Don’t be so quick to judge something you don’t know anything about

Some of you that were quick to criticize Tebow and say “he can’t play” obviously can use this as a lesson to grow and get better. The clear thing here is Tebow can play – he’s doing it right now, and Jaguars analysts think he will make the final roster. No one saw the workout he had with the Jaguars team. No one should have been speaking on the topic as though they were experts.

There’s still another month of work left, but it’s clear that Tebow is getting a good bit of work in and is getting better every day. That’s all the organization can ask of him at this point.

What if he can actually play the position at a high level? Urban Meyer is a genius if this goes well. Attention is already taken off of Trevor Lawrence and allows him to develop with less pressure.

I’m just going to note that I tried to warn you all…

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By John Vogel

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