The NFL next year should be exciting to watch. Many players are returning from injury, fans are allowed in the stands, and an additional game was added. That being said, I’ll be going over the most pressing questions for all 32 teams as training camps begin. These articles will be released by division, so be on the lookout for your favorite team. The AFC East should be Buffalo’s division to lose next season, as either the Patriots or the Dolphins could challenge them for the title.

Buffalo Bills- Can the Bills defense hold up?

The Bills should be considered favorites to win the AFC East, but can their defense be able to carry them to the Super Bowl? The AFC features a lot of strong offenses, and the Bills defense will have to step up to beat them. They have a solid defense overall, with a good balance of veteran and young talent. Last year, they were in the middle of the pack in terms of points and yards allowed, so there is room for improvement. If they want to progress, some of their young players, particularly their pass rushers, must step up. They have a lot of young defenders, and A.J. Epenesa and Ed Oliver must step up and anchor the defense in the trenches.  If 2021 rookies Gregory Rousseau and Boogie Basham exceed expectations, Buffalo will be meeting Kansas City in the AFC Championship game.

New England Patriots- Will Mac Jones play this year?

Mac Jones was taken with the 15th overall pick by New England last year, but when will he see playing time? Most first-round quarterbacks play at least once in their rookie year, and Jones appears to be on track to do so. Cam Newton wasn’t the best starting quarterback, and he’s not the team’s future. Last season, Jones shattered NCAA records for completion percentage and passer rating while leading Alabama to another national championship. The Patriots’ schedule does become harder toward the conclusion of the season, and I could see Jones being called up if Cam fails to produce. If Cam isn’t performing well, I wouldn’t be surprised if Belichick benched him again, like he did last season. To challenge the Bills for the AFC East title they’ll need good QB play in 2021. 

New York Jets- Can Wilson be better than Darnold was in NY?

Zach Wilson was drafted to be the Jets’ next franchise quarterback, but can he surpass the player he replaced? Darnold’s supporting cast is considerably different from Wilson’s. The Jets have strengthened their offensive line, added to their receiving corps, and improved their backfield. Wilson has better weapons and a greater chance of success. Despite playing one more year than Darnold, Wilson had a higher career passer rating and fewer interceptions in college. Wilson, in my opinion, has more promise than Darnold and adds value with his rushing abilities. Zach Wilson has all he needs to succeed next season with better players around him and an improved coaching staff. Only time will tell if he’s New York’s franchise guy.

Miami Dolphins- Is Tua the Dolphins’ future at QB?

Tua Tagovailoa was definitely one of the most disliked quarterbacks last season for no reason. Expectations were high for someone selected fifth overall, but seeing Justin Herbert perform so well angered some fans. Tua had an above-average rookie season and should be even better next year. Tua’s weapons weren’t spectacular last season, but they did improve throughout the offseason. Tua’s new targets include Jaylen Waddle, Hunter Long, and Will Fuller. If Tua improves next season, they should keep him; if not, they should give him one more year and look for a trade or draft option. Miami has a bright future with the players and draft picks they have, regardless of how Tua develops. The Dolphins should be challenging the Bills for the AFC East title next season after missing the playoffs last year.

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