Josh Davis was the definition of a workaholic. The most genuine friend in the industry to alternative-league football, Davis had assembled a powerful resume in addition to the work he did with us. He wrote for the CFLNewsHub as well as the XFLNewsHub. His work had been featured on several prominent news sites and shows, including The Pat McAfee Show. Davis was also big into the Fan Controlled Football media side and served as a Player Rep for the Pro Level Sports Agency.

Josh was a huge Florida State fan. In the NFL, he flew with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Despite all of his work, the biggest thing that stood out on Josh Davis was how much he loved his family. His three girls and his wife were his worlds. He strove for their happiness and searched to fulfill his desire to help others to make him a stronger father and husband.

Some of Josh’s best work came in dealing with death. He wrote the tribute to Bobby Bowden on how the coach had shaped his life and the lives of so many in the United States.

Davis fought hard for student-athletes to get paid through name, image, and likeness deals and was instrumental in seeing that take place.

NFL Sapient tributes Josh Davis and all of his work

“Josh is the reason I work at NFL Sapient and XFL/CFL Newshub. He is such a kind and understanding man. My interview with Sean Brown was set up by him. He always wanted to lend a hand to fellow sportswriters, always wanted to get small athletes noticed, was all about others. He had a big heart for his family, he loved his kids and wife very dearly. I hope to take what I learned from him and be the kinda man he was. His effect on the community lasts many lifetimes and his legacy will not be forgotten. I hope his three girls and his amazing wife nothing but the best. May you rest in peace Josh, we will never forget the kindness and respect you showed others and we will never let go of the time spent with you. I love you man, I never said it to you but I always felt that. Rest in peace, Josh.”

Kyle Sheridan, Contributor for NFL Sapient, XFLNewsHub and CFL NewsHub.

“Josh was a great writer and an instrumental piece to getting NFL Sapient off the ground and running strong. He, John and the others have a great foundation running here for NFL content. While I have been more of a contributor on the podcast side due to my current writing job with Hearst publishing, I have personally noticed Josh did a lot of great pieces and had a great career lined up in front of him. The NFL Sapient community will dearly miss him, and I pray for his family, as well as his friends that miss him today.”

– Tom Greene, Huron Daily Tribune, Tom Greene Podcast, NFL Sapient

Rest in peace, Josh.

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