The Rams hosted the Titans at home in a disappointing loss of 28-16. The Titans didn’t have to do much to overcome a Rams team that was haunted by penalties and bad offensive line play. Their only touchdown came in the 4th quarter when the game had already been decided. The Rams will now travel to face the 49ers on MNF before their bye week. That being said, here’s the good, the bad, and the meh of their loss on Sunday. 


Aaron Donald

Donald’s expectations are usually high, and he delivered on Sunday night. He consistently got to Tannehill and was his usual game-wrecking self. Donald’s on pace for 11.5 sacks on the season and accounts for 6 of the Rams NFL leading 28 sacks. With Miller’s debut postponed another week, it’ll be awesome to watch the two of them pass rush on the same D-Line against the 49ers. 

Jalen Ramsey

With every snap Ramsey takes, it makes the trade from 2019 more and more worth it. The Rams’ star corner was all over the field on Sunday night and made many clutch plays including an interception. After setting the bar high last season, Ramsey has become more involved with the defense and has been playing stellar in every aspect. Something I did notice is that he was matched up with AJ Brown, something that I haven’t seen him do much of this year. This did leave Julio to Darious Williams, but the Rams duo held the Titans receiving duo to 97 yards. This strategy of rotating Ramsey to the most needed spot seems like it worked really well, and it’s something Morris should continue to do for the rest of the season. 


Offensive Line

This was the offensive line’s worst game all season. The unit had only given up 8 sacks so far coming into the game and let the Tennessee D-Line sack Stafford 5 times. Not only did they give up sacks, but they also allowed 11 QB hits, most of which impacted throws. The O-Line seemed to give up consistent pressure all night and hurt Stafford more than helping him. No quarterback can properly lead an offense when they have pressure in their face soon after the ball is snapped.


The Titans didn’t need much to beat the Rams as they racked up 115 penalty yards. That’s the most yards given up from penalties under McVay and the most since 2014. The Rams were the least penalized team in the NFL before Sunday’s game and dropped to 4th after. There was a big variety of penalties called against the Rams on both sides of the ball, all of which hurt their chances to win. 


Sean McVay

Coach didn’t exactly put the team in the best position to win in primetime. The Rams were in 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR) for every single offensive snap, and didn’t adjust to what the Titans defense was doing. The Rams have been very efficient with 12 personnel (1 RB, 2 TE, 2 WR) and they certainly needed that extra blocker. McVay seemed hesitant to switch up his strategy and adjust which was costly. When Stafford moved out of the pocked-on designed bootlegs and rollouts the offense was much better, but by then it was too late. It seemed that the Rams could have committed to the run and worked more screens into the game to help Stafford out, but it never happened. 

Matthew Stafford

Stafford wasn’t the one to singlehandedly lose the team this game, but he didn’t exactly help. Last night was the first time in his career that he’s thrown back-to-back picks and he even admitted that he “basically spotted them 14 points.”. The only reason that he’s not in the bad column is that no QB can do well with bad offensive line play. As shown with the passing chart, LA had trouble pushing the ball deep, which is hard when there’s little time to throw. He was getting consistently pressured all night, and one of his interceptions was basically an accident while taking a sack. His other interception, however, was a throw to Woods in double coverage, and a bad decision the Rams haven’t seen since Goff. This was not a good outing for QB1 and possibly his worst game of the year. 

Overall Defense

The Overall defense was solid, and pretty consistent all night. Jordan Fuller stepped up and led the team in tackles, along with matching up on AJ Brown 1 on 1. Ernest Jones didn’t have quite the showing as he did in his debut, but made some good stops, and has only missed 1 tackle so far. The unit was able to hold the receivers and running backs to under 100 yards, but they couldn’t do anything about the great field position that the Titans offense was given. The defense should improve next week against the 49ers with Von Miller’s debut as a Ram.

Week 10 outlook

Overall, the Titans had no problem beating the Rams, because the Rams beat themselves. The team was plagued by penalties and consistent pressure from the Titans D-Line. Their only two losses come from the current leaders of each conference (NFC & AFC) so they aren’t losing to bad teams. The Rams will now travel to meet the 9ers for Monday night football next week, in a classic NFC West rivalry. Then go on a bye and have a tough couple of games to close the year (GB, BAL, ARI) Something to watch out for in the coming weeks is who the Rams bring up from the practice squad at WR with the loss of Tutu and Jacob Harris.

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