Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler recently lost the starting spot to freshman Caleb Williams. Now, he seems set to proceed with his college career into the west coast.

The Oklahoma Sooners quarterback battle has been one of the bigger storylines of the 2021 college football season. Entering this year, Spencer Rattler was a favorite to win the Heisman Trophy after an impressive 2020 showing and even projected by many, including myself, as the first overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

However, Oklahoma struggled to consistently show out all season long under Rattler, reaching its peak against Texas when the Sooners fell into a big hole. Rattler was benched for the five-star freshman, Caleb Williams, who showed out in his first action.

When Rattler enters the transfer portal, he will be a 10-grade prospect in our transfer portal database.

Now, the former Pinnacle High School standout from Phoenix, Arizona, could be looking at a return home, potentially to Arizona State. As far as we have heard, Rattler is considering one of five schools;

  • Oregon
  • Arizona State
  • USC
  • UCLA
  • Texas

Let’s talk about what we know of the situation at this point.

What makes sense: Spencer Rattler headed home

As noted, Rattler is from Phoenix, Arizona. He attended Pinnacle High, which is 14 miles away from Arizona State University. The school that makes the most sense to push for the 10-grade transfer would be the Sun Devils, which are headed by the former NFL head coach Herm Edwards.

The only thing that could potentially prevent a trip home is the fact that Arizona State currently has one of the best quarterbacks in the PAC-12, Jayden Daniels, who would be very difficult to unseat for the starting role. Daniels has two years of eligibility remaining and currently doesn’t have an enticing frame for NFL teams to be attracted to. The chance that he enters the NFL Draft this season, clearing the way for Rattler, is very slim.

USC and UCLA both make sense. Both schools have quarterback situations up in the air next year. While USC is a little bit deeper in the quarterback room, the new coach, whoever that might be, would presumably be a better fit for Rattler than Chip Kelly and a run-first option style offense.

What is pure media speculation at this point

Ever since the rumors started about a potential Spencer Rattler transfer, we’ve heard a lot of schools mentioned as potential targets for the lauded quarterback. A couple of the top school names listed have been Ole Miss and Georgia, among the others that we listed at the beginning of the article. Other SEC and eastern American schools have been listed in the running as well.

From what we have heard over here at NFL Sapient, Rattler is not considering an East Coast school. While a Lane Kiffin offense at Ole Miss could be enticing for a top quarterback prospect, especially with Rattler’s skillset, I believe that he doesn’t want to take his chances in the SEC. His chances of success are just as high at making the NFL in the PAC-12 than it is in the SEC.

At this point, the media is spinning the idea of Rattler in the SEC. The interest will be there from the schools, but it’s not mutually shared by Rattler.

Our prediction: Spencer Rattler to Oregon

Spencer Rattler is going to go where it will fit him the best to advance his NFL dreams. As our friend of the website, Andy Singleton, and owner of Expand The Boxscore mentioned, “this will be a personal and rightfully selfish choice” for Rattler to make.

My gut says that Rattler is headed for Oregon. With the success that Justin Herbert has seen at the next level, and the quarterback spot opening up with Anthony Brown graduating, this spot makes the most sense for Rattler. The big brand school will allow him to continue plugging away at his marketing plan and give him the opportunity to compete on the field immediately.

Spencer Rattler, despite the disappointing 2021 season, is still a legitimate NFL prospect. He’s still shown the raw tools that NFL teams crave. Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson. I hope that Spencer Rattler learned from Caleb Williams how to put the work into football and make the field his first priority.

His new school will give him the opportunity to show that.

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By John Vogel

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