UCLA fought hard and riled in the second half to beat Colorado 44-20 while scoring 37 unanswered points. I was in attendance for the game and here are my scouting notes from the Bruins’ win. Along with pro comparisons, I also chose an ideal landing spot for each player.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson- Justin Fields/Kyler Murray

Thompson Robinson had a decent performance through the air and ground. He led the team in rushing and made some good throws. Although he might not have flashed on the stat sheet, he had a 172.3 passer rating and a 68.4% completion percentage. He was shifty in the pocket evading pass rushers and took it himself on the ground for a 22 yard TD. His decision-making was questionable and forced some balls into tight coverage, which is how his interception happened. Personally, he reminded me a lot of Kyler Murray in the way he moved and evaded defenders along with his good arm. He’s a very raw prospect and under the right coaching staff has the potential to be great. I’d like to see him on the Saints or Steelers who both can sit him while they play Veterans.

Zach Charbonnet-Joe Mixon/James Robinson

Charbonnet didn’t go for many yards on the ground but did have 3 rushing touchdowns. He’s more of a power runner than a speed guy and has the potential to be a bell-cow RB in the NFL. Because of his muscular frame he breaks tackles easily and has good vision as a ball carrier. The only qualities that he could work on are his straight speed and change of direction. His pass-catching is decent in the flats and made some good runs turning upfield. As a runner, he reminded me a lot of Mixon and Robinson while lacking Mixon’s pass-catching ability. Charbonnet can be a great lead back or even take a shared role as he’s been doing in the Bruins offense. I’d like to see him join Tampa Bay or Baltimore.

Kyle Phillips- Hunter Renfrow

Phillips sealed the game against Colorado with an 82-yard punt return TD. His return touchdown was one of the shiftiest returns I’ve seen in a while. He’ll make an NFL team happy not only as a returner but as a reliable WR as well. He led the team in receiving yards and was Thompson-Robinson’s favorite target. Phillips is good with the deep ball with his average yards per catch being 13.3 this season. His talent is comparable to Hunter Renfrow as well as his kick/punt return ability. I’d like to see Phillips stay close by and come to the Rams or Miami.

Greg Dulcich- Dallas Goedert

Dulcich had a great night and averaged 29 yards per reception. He’s more of a wide receiver than a tight end, which is something that’s becoming more common in today’s NFL. He had lots of big plays and is used in the UCLA offense as a deep receiving threat. Dulcich has good speed and runs good routes. He still can improve his blocking ability as a converted WR. I’d like to see him catching passes from Tannehill in Tennessee or in LA from Herbert.

Otito Ogbonnia- Fletcher Cox 

Ogbonnia didn’t show up much on the stat sheet but made an impact in the game. He was consistently disrupting the game. Even though he isn’t prolific as a pass rusher, he was able to get to the QB and get his hands up, messing up the passing game. His talents reminded me of Fletcher Cox in the sense that he doesn’t have that many sacks, but still puts pressure on the QB. He’s more likely to be used as a nose tackle or run stopper than a pure pass rusher. I’d like to see him in Indianapolis or Buffalo.

Qwuantrezz Knight- Brian Poole

Knight is the Bruins’ nickel do it all DB. Against Colorado, he had 2 TFLs and a sack, along with 6 total tackles. Knight can play in the box or on the outside, and is aggressive against whoever he’s matched up on. He showed good speed, and great pass rush ability coming off the line of scrimmage. I think that Seattle or Minnesota would be a good fit for him.

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