Aqeel Glass always wanted to play quarterback, but when he was a young, aspiring football player, he started out as a defensive end and tight end. He has prototypical size for the NFL and his arm strength is certainly suitable. Glass is a very smart, capable person who has an engineering degree from Alabama A&M, and hopes to start his own engineering firm in life after football.

The Measurables

Aqeel Glass

QB – #4 Alabama A&M

HT: 6037
WT: 232
WING: 7848
ARM: 3248
HAND: 878
DOB: 7/7/1998

Year: Redshirt Senior
High School: Lutheran North (St. Louis, MO)
HS Rating: N/A
Phil Steele: N/A

Aqeel Glass Scouting Report

A big arm that is capable of stretching the field. Throws with decent velocity when he needs to. Beautiful touch ball. Flashes the ability to throw with touch very well. Struggles to get the deep ball touch in there accurately. Deep accuracy in general is not at all ideal. Struggles to be consistent with his accuracy because of an inconsistent plant technique. Did flash the ability to throw extremely accurately, consistency is not there. Placement is spotty but typically well away from the defender. Throws well to space. Not consistent. Needs to work on his technique. He will step up and not consistently get a good platform.

Oftentimes rushes the throw and doesn’t settle into his stance, although that might be a product of the scheme at Alabama A&M. Will try to force the ball off his back foot. A little bit slow with his footwork. Would like to see quicker work. Moves well out of the pocket. Used in designed roll-out plays. Maneuverers through traffic extremely well. A very average runner moving downfield. A little bit too lumbery and upright. Works well to keep the play alive. Very much aware of situations. Uses his eyes and body language very well.

What we want to see from Aqeel Glass in New Orleans

  • Personally, I hope that Glass will join quarterback guru Quincy Avery to really start working on his footwork. A lot of his lower body mechanics prevented him from taking the next step as a quarterback. We want to see him start to clean that up, especially his bad habit of throwing off of his back foot.
  • Glass’ accuracy was good and certainly good enough for the FCS level, but we want to see him really start to hone in on some of his throws more consistently. Can Glass show that ability to throw with anticipation on target consistently?

Pre-HBCU Legacy Bowl projection

Overall, Glass has considerable upside as a professional prospect. At his ceiling, I think he is a low-end starter and a very capable backup quarterback. He shows the ability to throw off-platform and move out of the pocket when he needs to – key components to a quarterback in the NFL. If he can clean up his lower body mechanics substantially, he’s a late-round pick.

We project Glass as a Priority Free Agent. There is a lot of competition in the late end of the quarterback position and it’s going to be tough, though not impossible, for Glass to separate. We like him considerably in a more traditional drop-back offense and think he has a good opportunity to stick around the league for a while.

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By John Vogel

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