Cole Strange was someone that the Chattanooga personnel department had alerted me to prior to the start of the 2021 season. Body composition looks a little light on the field, but he plays very gritty and very tough. Strange has played every game he has started at left guard. While he still could use some development overall, especially adding weight and mass to his frame, Strange appears to have immense upside as an NFL prospect.

The Measurables

Cole Strange

G – #69 Tennessee-Chattanooga

HT: 6043
WT: 301
ARM: 3318
HAND: 1000
DOB: 7/31/1998

Year: Redshirt Senior
High School: Farragut (Knoxville, TN)
HS Rating: N/A
Phil Steele: N/A

Cole Strange Scouting Report

Very good speed for the position. It’s not that Strange isn’t laterally quick, it’s more that he is too susceptible to an inside fake. Absorbs the contact upon impact very well. Incredibly strong upper body. Just a brute. Wills his way into position upon occasion. Consistently finishes the play with immense power.

Strong anchor. Impressive bend. Very flexible athlete. Could clean up his footwork to be more effective, especially with his positioning. Flashes slightly better than average recovery skills. Great placement. Engages high and around the shoulders. Very strong hands. Strong pass blocker when he can get a good angle. Struggles to set. Devastating on double-team blocks.

Very strong run blocker. Works well into the second level with brute power. So good at creating lanes and solidifying the hole with his angle. Picks up on assignments very quickly. Switches between help and picking up an assignment seamlessly.

What we want to see from Cole Strange in Mobile

  • A lot of the pass protection that Strange ran at UT-Chattanooga was reading the reaction of the gap and immediately assisting to either side. What we are very interested to see is how Strange holds up inside in 1v1’s, especially considering the fact that his pass protection 1v1 was sometimes inconsistent overall.
  • It’s hard to show the natural feel that Strange has for creating run lanes in a practice environment like the Senior Bowl. We want to see how he will look overall, perhaps seeing some of his technique and footwork get cleaned up before the game.

Pre-Senior Bowl Projection

Cole Strange is a very balanced left-guard prospect for the NFL level. He is about two years away from becoming a full-time starter, but his upside is tremendous. We project him as a year-three starter in almost any system and can start in the league for eight to ten years.

Because of the development that he has to undertake, we see Strange as a fifth/seventh-round pick. We think it would be a surprise if he goes undrafted because of the potential that he has shown on a consistent basis. We like him a lot and think he has a great NFL career ahead of him.

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By John Vogel

NFL Draft Analyst. Dad.

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