The Rams fell short on Sunday losing to the Packers 28-36. This is now their third straight loss, the 2nd time that has happened under McVay. As the Rams prepare for their next home game versus Jacksonville there’s a lot to improve on. So here’s the Good, the Bad, and the Meh of the loss against the Packers. 


Greg Gaines

Gaines had a great game against a struggling Green Bay offensive line. He finished with 7 total tackles, a sack and a QB hit. He was the only lineman that took advantage of the AD double teams and did a great job against the run and pass. The loss of Sebastian Joseph Day hasn’t been as bad with Gaines stepping up. 

Odell Beckham Jr

The Rams’ newest acquisition at WR finally had his chance to be a part of the offense, and he did pretty well. Odell had 5 catches for 81 yards and a TD. His 54-yard catch in the 4th quarter was one of his best plays in a while. OBJ’s seems to be acclimating to the team well and did well replacing Robert Woods. He should get more involved as he learns the offense more and gets more familiar with Stafford. 

Jordan Fuller

Fuller had a solid game against Green Bay, and is continuing his solid 2nd season. Fuller finished with 7 total tackles and 2 passes defensed, and prevented some deep shots. He made a couple of key plays that kept the Packers from totally dominating the game. 4 continued to show his development this year and as an important part of the secondary.


Raheem Morris

This was possibly Raheem’s worse coached game all year. Some of the decisions were very questionable including having Troy Reeder cover Davante Adams. Morris certainly didn’t learn from the last two weeks and continued to make poor decisions on Sunday. Adams was consistently open due to him being covered by a LB or Deayon versus Ramsey. If the defense can’t dominate the Jaguars next week, then Morris should be out of LA next year.

Troy Reeder

Despite what the stat sheet said, Reeder struggled in this game. He’s solid against the run, but gets exposed when forced into coverage which has been shown the last 2 games. Reeder struggled to make open field tackles and was the target of many of the Packers’ big plays. The Rams’ deficiency has certainly shown the last couple of weeks and needs to be addressed soon. 

Special teams 

As I wrote in my special teams breakdown, their special teams unit hasn’t exactly been special. JJ Koski can be added to the list of failed Rams punt returners and was somehow worse than all the other options we’ve seen. Hekker has been subpar this season and Bojorquez had his revenge against the Rams. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rams consider another change at ST coach to finally replace Coach Bones. 



The Rams’ signal caller just hasn’t been the same in recent weeks. The Rams traded for Stafford to improve their QB play and cut down on the turnovers that Jared Goff was prone to, but that hasn’t been the case recently. Stafford had some turnover worthy plays and some questionable throws but his performance wasn’t all that bad. He did flash on the stat sheet with some good numbers despite his real life performance being subpar which is the only reason he ends up in the meh section. 

Von Miller

In Miller’s second game with the team he performed similarly to the first. He made a couple of good plays, but simple couldn’t take enough advantage of Green Bay’s banged up offensive line. His presence on the line is certainly felt, but hasn’t made a big splash yet. 

Week 13 preview

Overall the offense was the major problem in this loss. Stafford’s 3rd pick six in 3 weeks certainly didn’t help and the special teams hurt even more. As the Rams take on the Jags next week they’ll need a win to get back on track. 

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