UCLA had a big win against California in their final game at the Rose Bowl on Saturday. With a final score of 42-14 the Bruins will now look towards their bowl game. That being said, here’s my scouting notes of the players from both sides along with a pro comparison.

Greg Dulcich TE UCLA- Dallas Goedert

As a former receiver, Dulcich has all you could want in a receiving tight end. Against the Golden Bears he led the team in receiving, averaged 14.3 yards per reception, and added a 29 yard TD. He’s got good speed and is used as a WR in UCLA’s offense. He runs good routes and is a threat with the ball on his hands. However, he struggles to block some of the bigger players on the line, but has no problems blocking players in the secondary. I see him as a Dallas Goedert type player used mostly for his receiving.

Chase Garbers QB CAL- Jared Goff

Garbers struggled to get it going against UCLA and finished with 125 yards and 2 interceptions. He struggled to consistently push the ball down the field and had some questionable throws. Garbers is fairly athletic and like Allen can be shifty in the pocket and evade defenders when needed. He’s got good mechanics and uses his arm to fit throws into tight windows, sometimes which get intercepted. His ball placement helps lead his receivers and he throws with anticipation. Under pressure, he begins to forget his basic mechanics and that’s when the underthrows and interceptions happen.

Overall he’s got solid mechanics and mobility, but needs to work on his decision making and pocket presence under pressure. That’s why he reminded me of another former CAL QB in Goff, both have solid mechanics but collapse under pressure. Both make some good throws but have some really questionable throws other times. As shown in the chart, he’s got relatively similar throwing stats to Goff, the only difference between the two being Garbers’ 11 rushing TDs to Goff’s 1. The only thing that Garbers has that Goff doesn’t is the mobility. I can see a team drafting him as a backup to a veteran QB in the 4th or 5th round.

Sean Rhyan OT UCLA- Taylor Lewan

At 6’5 and 320 pounds, Rhyan is a big presence on the UCLA O-Line. He’s got a large frame and uses his lower body to hold defenders. Rhyan is a good athlete and excels in run blocking. He’s got strong hands and can hold a defenders when needed. He’s got the potential to be a late first round pick, and the only downside to him is his inconsistency. He reminded me a lot of Lewan in the sense that they both use a lot of power to hold off defenders, and are good athletes.

Quentin Lake DB UCLA- Anthony Harris

Lake is the Bruins starting safety who sometimes moves over to nickel. Against Cal, he led the team in tackles and made some good plays on the field. Lake has great athleticism and excels in open field tackling. He rarely misses tackles and is more of a technique player than a hard hitter. He’s good against RBs in the open field and has good instincts of where the ball is. There’s not an big flaws against him, and his only knock is his ability to stay on the field. He’s only played 12 games once and missed most of 2019 with injuries. He reminded me a lot of Harris in the sense that they’re both very intelligent players that are solid at tackling.

Jay Shaw DB UCLA- Marcus Peters

Shaw is UCLA’s outside QB and had a great 2021 senior season. He’s tied for the team lead with 3 interceptions with one coming from Chase Garbers. Shaw read Garbers well and took advantage of a ball that was a little underthrown. He’s a good athlete and at 5’11 190 he’s a good size for a CB with good speed. He’s a good tackler in open space, but needs to work on his coverage. He reminded me a lot of Peters in the sense that he makes good plays on the ball, but it shaky in coverage.

Christopher Brooks RB CAL- Chris Carson

The Golden Bears didn’t rely much on the run game against UCLA, but Brooks did all he was asked to when called upon. He averaged 5.1 yards per carry and was explosive off the line. He had some good speed off the line, and was a problem in open space. Brooks is a power back and had no problem barreling through UCLA defenders. His only downsides are that he had problems finding his holes and getting the open lanes to take advantage of sometimes. He reminded me a lot Chris Carson in the sense that he’s solid at lots of things but not great at 1 thing. His bruiser kind of running style should translate well to a smashmouth offensive scheme.

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