Quinn Ewers is the highest graded quarterback prospect in recruiting history. Ewers (6’3″, 210 lbs) was previously slated to enter the college football arena this year, but after graduating high school over the summer, he re-classed to 2021 and enrolled at Ohio State. Five months and several million dollars later, Ewers is headed back to the state of Texas.

Ranked on our transfer portal grade as an 8-grade transfer, Ewers arm talent and mobility are incredible. He was a unanimous number one prospect entering the 2022 class, and even with his re-class to 2021, he displaced USC defensive end Korey Foreman on most prospect boards. Ewers is capable of throwing off-platform and has a bevy of arm angles that he can throw from.

After sitting a season at Ohio State, Ewers entered the transfer portal and is headed back to his home state. He considered several schools but is reportedly back down to two schools; Texas and Texas Tech. Let’s break down what this looks like.

Why Texas makes sense for Quinn Ewers

A prospect of this level is certain to be looking to cash in with the modern NIL laws. He’s already done so going to Ohio State. Playing in fourth quarter garbage time, Ewers made more money than 99.9% of college athletes last year.

Reportedly, Texas boosters are willing to pay huge money to get Ewers to Texas. Under the new NIL laws surrounding college football, this is all fair play.

The move would be interesting with former USC head coach and Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian looking to rebuild the Texas team after a 5-7 showing in his inaugural season. The offense in Texas is just coming to fruition – their sophomores and freshman last year are budding into experienced players. Don’t forget all-conference running back Bijan Robinson either – he’s a monster.

Why Texas Tech makes sense for Quinn Ewers

All of that being said, Texas doesn’t make as much sense for Quinn Ewers as Texas Tech. The Longhorns have two high profile quarterbacks currently on the roster – Hudson Card and Casey Thompson. Thompson showed the most promise as a potential starting quarterback, but does Ewers want to enter that kind of a quarterback battle?

Ewers happens to work out with former Texas Tech star quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ trainer. Some people recognized the significance of Mahomes’ cryptic tweet the day when Ewers entered the transfer portal. Does it really mean anything? Who knows.

The one thing that is for certain is that if Ewers were to choose Texas Tech, there wouldn’t be as much money on the table. The deal that Texas boosters has reportedly put forward would be impossible for anyone else in the state to compete with. The quarterback competition would be much less fierce, a brand new head coach is there in Joey McGuire, and the offense showed a lot of weapons this season.

Is there any real chance that he goes anywhere else?

For a good week during the process, Quinn Ewers considered Texas A&M. Reportedly, the Aggies are currently out of the running for the top quarterback. However, with Jimbo Fisher remaining at Texas A&M, the need at the quarterback position, and the flare Ewers has for dramatics, I wouldn’t be shocked if he pulled the Aggies out of a straw hat. However, that’s less than likely.

It really comes down to what Ewers wants to do. Does he want to make a lot of money? Does he like the atmosphere of Texas Tech better? I think that the odds are that Ewers will go to the Texas Longhorns. It makes the most sense and even if he doesn’t make it to the pros, he has a great chance to stand in there and make professional money.

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By John Vogel

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