It’s not a bad time to be a fan of the Texas A&M Aggies. Not only does A&M lead the country for the 2022 recruiting class, but the Aggies have also filled a need at quarterback by securing the commitment of current LSU QB Max Johnson.

Why Max Johnson to A&M is a big move

Johnson played in 12 games for LSU this season and threw for a good ratio of 27 touchdowns to 6 interceptions as a sophomore. His main competitor, Myles Brennan, didn’t get a real chance to win the starting job as he was injured before the season and out for the year.

Brennan previously looked like the player that was going to transfer. But Brennan has chosen to exit the portal, while Johnson is headed to A&M.

The reasons behind the transfer? For one, there’s less competition at A&M. The Aggies have a need at quarterback due to this season’s starter Zach Calzada entering the transfer portal. Calzada started 10 games including the Aggies’ upset of Alabama, and doesn’t have a clear heir apparent.

For Johnson, this situation translates into an easier time keeping the starting role. LSU, after all, is getting a new head coach and Myles Brennan will be in a position to compete for the starting job come spring football.

A&M is also the destination of Johnson’s brother, tight end Jake Johnson. A four star recruit, Jake Johnson is joining the Aggies as part of the class of 2022. From the looks of it, the older Johnson brother would like to have the family connection that comes from joining A&M.

All in all, no one really loses in this one. The Aggies find their next QB, LSU can now move on to the highly touted Brennan, and former A&M starter Zach Calzada will likely take up a starting job at a smaller school.

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