This is the central hub page for our coverage of the 2022 NFL Draft quarterbacks.

The quarterback is one of the most important positions in the game currently. Lauded by the league as the key position to the success of the team, the quarterback is the fan favorite. He often gathers the glory of a victorious team – but is the first to take fingers when things go wrong. It’s a position of incredible pressure as the offense is catered to the skillset of the quarterback. 

2022 NFL Draft Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks Rankings

Matt CorralOle Miss1st
Malik WillisLiberty1st
Kenny PickettPittsburgh1st/2nd
Carson StrongNevada2nd/3rd
Sam HowellNorth Carolina2nd/3rd
Desmond RidderCincinnati2nd/3rd
Bailey ZappeWKU4th/5th
Brock PurdyIowa State7th/PFA
Jack CoanNotre DamePFA
Brandon PetersIllinoisPFA
Zerrick CooperJacksonville StatePFA
Anthony BrownOregonPFA
Dustin CrumKent StatePFA
Chase GarbersCaliforniaPFA

Latest quarterback scouting reports


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