I caught up with Jackson State DB CJ Holmes before and after the game to talk about his performance and draft stock. Holmes had a solid game and nearly had a fumble recovery before it was ruled an incomplete pass.

Tell me about practice this week, how has the overall experience been?

It’s been exciting just to be out here, competing with these guys from all around the country, some of the best seniors, and just having fun and doing what we do best and just competing.

What’s a good piece of advice you’ve received from the coaches this week?

The best advice I’ve gotten from the coaches was the keep the main thing the main thing. Just these guys attacking practice every day and giving us little bits of information, like my position coaches whether that being helping with my technique or my game. These guys have just been giving us information, not just about on the field, but off the field stuff as well, overall it’s been a good experience.

Coming from Jackson State, what has Deion Sanders done for you as a former defensive back himself?

He definitely elevated my game in my eyes, just sharing the knowledge that he’s got over all the years he’s played, you know hall of fame DB, it doesn’t get much better than that. Just being around him and trying to mimic the attention to detail that he has, it’s just elevated my game to another level.

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Are there any NFL players you model your game after?

Jaire Alexander and Tre’Davious White, those guys are technicians and I like to pride myself on my technique because at the end of the day when a player gets tired or something like that you gotta rely on your technique, it’s going to win every time.

Why should someone draft you instead of someone who came from a more prestigious program?

To me the school doesn’t matter, it’s about the heart and how hard somebody is going to compete, and I’m going to give you all that effort, and be a team player first. Whatever the team needs I’m here for that, and that’s why I think teams should draft me.

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Why do you think you were so successful on defense today?

Well we had a good game plan coming in, our coaches prepared us well, my teammates balled out, so you know the energy was flowing, we all had good energy.

Who do you think was the toughest guy to guard on offense?

They were all talented, there wasn’t just one man that stood out from everybody, they were all talented today.

I saw you moving around the field a lot today. Is there a position you’re most comfortable with?

Whatever the team needs man, that’s where I’m comfortable at, I’m a team player

How do you feel this whole week and experience impacted your draft stock?

I think it affected it pretty well, I came in, did what I had to do, and stayed focused. My coaches gave me pointers that helped my game, and everybody saw what we did out there, so I think it helped it pretty well.

If you had a preference what NFL team would you like to be drafted by?

I don’t really have a preference, I just need an opportunity. Whatever the opportunity is, that’s what I’m ready for.

Holmes finished the game with 3 total tackles, and from the reps I watched, had some tight coverage on the guys opposite him no matter who he faced. CJ will look forward now to prepare for the NFL draft.

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