I had the pleasure of talking over the phone with Qwuantrezz about his versatility as a defender and how he’s prepping for the draft. Knight was a starter for the Bruins in all 12 games and led the team in tackles and tackles for loss. Knight finished his college career with 153 solo tackles 7 passes defended, 5 sacks, and 4 forced fumbles which speaks to his talent as a defender. Knight will now prepare for the NFL draft after showing his skills during the practice sessions at the NFLPA Bowl.

Tell me about practice this week, what was the whole experience like?

It was a whole lot of NFL level talent, so just me getting out there and being able to showcase my abilities out there was amazing. I was able to showcase how versatile I was by lining up at multiple positions, I actually played cornerback most of the week, but within that I was able to get as many safety reps as I wanted. It was great, and I feel like I played at a high level that now would change perspectives from a lot of teams in the NFL of not labeling me as a box safety, hopefully I’ve shown that I can do it all.

What was the best piece of advice you received from the coaches this week?

Just how to prepare, that’ll be the most important thing I’ve learned from this whole process, taking the next step to the NFL is about who can prepare the best. It was great just getting to learn more coverages and how you’re supposed to break down film. I felt like it’s going to be a great transition for me and I was excited about how fast I was able to pick up the different type of schemes coming from my college defense.

Is there an NFL player you model your game after? What guys do you watch?

I like to watch guys like JC Jackson, Jamal Adams, Tyrann Mathieu, Budda Baker, guys that can show that they can play all positions and not just have one role, they can play in all different types of schemes and succeed in any.

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What part of your game have you been working to improve on this week and before the draft?

Running faster, I feel like that’s one of the main things that I want to showcase during this whole time, running faster and having more explosiveness as well as small things on the football field like feet placement, dropping out of my breaks more, just learning more and becoming as mentally sharp as I can.

Is there a specific NFL team you hope takes you in the draft?

Obviously I’d be happy with anybody who takes a chance on me, but I love California, I love the west coast, I love the east coast, but whoever would take a chance on me.

I’ve watched you play at UCLA where you started at nickel, but we’ve been talking about different hybrid roles. Is there a specific position you’re most comfortable with?

Yea, I actually still like and would be most comfortable in the free safety role or field corner. In those positions I can really showcase my range, and my ball hawk mentality, I’m a hunter, so free safety would be perfect, putting me in the middle of the field and let me go make a play and hawk on the ball. So a place like that would be a place I’d be most dominant at.

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What’s your favorite game you played this year and why?

I would say my favorite game I played in was against LSU for sure. Just the whole college atmosphere that we had, at half time we turned the lights out and everybody took out their cellphones and flashed their lights. It was an SEC team with good talent and I was able to go out there and help my team by leading them to a victory. Just that whole atmosphere I loved everything about it.

Tell me what it was like playing in the Rose Bowl one more time and doing so with some of your former teammates.

At first it was just me who was going to be participating in this event, and I was like dang I wish I had one of my teammates to be out here with me. Later on in the week Brittain [Brown] came first and I was super pumped about that because me and Brittain were real good friends on the team and then Obi [Eboh] came next, so just to have them out there with me one last time, was great. We took the field like man this is our last time doing this, let’s go out with a bang. Just doing that everyday was fun, and we made the most out of it and tried to have as much fun as we can.

Qwuantrezz Knight, UCLA, Safety

If you don’t make it in football, what’s your dream job?

My dream job would be owning a community center and within that community center I would like to provide all kinds of resources for minority neighborhoods, and paving them a secure role to be more successful. Whether that’s getting them better tools, getting them the best coaching, just like a youth program and eventually building it up into a boys and girls club.

Who inspires you?

My parents inspire me the most. In particular my dad just because of how hard he worked for my family as a kid growing up, having to provide for our whole family, getting up everyday. He actually never played sports, but what I’ve learned from him was work ethic, you have to work for everything in this life and nothing is going to be handed to you. No matter how hard things are you gotta get up everyday and keep going. Just him doing that everyday for me inspires me everyday to eventually one day be the reason he doesn’t have to do that anymore.

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