The Rams had a great season with new quarterback Matthew Stafford at the helm. I’ve head the pleasure of covering the team this year and put out a weekly good bad meh article every week. Now that they’re headed to the Super Bowl, I thought I’d do a recap of every single article and what’s been good, bad and meh this whole season.


Cooper Kupp x8

Kupp appeared in the good section 8 times this season. Although he didn’t make an appearance every single week, you didn’t need me to tell you that he was having the best season of his career.

Jalen Ramsey x7

Ramsey also might have had his best season as a Ram. After getting “bored in coverage” the past couple of years, his involvement in the defense increased as he played in the star role. Ramsey led a secondary with not much star power beside him and still had great performance.

Matthew Stafford x6

Stafford started out his first season with the Rams with a bang, came back to earth, and finished strong. LA’s new signal caller lead the Rams to their 2nd Super Bowl in 4 years, exactly what they were trying to accomplish by trading for him.

Defense, Defensive Line x5

With Raheem Morris as the new defensive coordinator, many were worried about regression despite all the losses they faced on defense. The defense started out a little shaky but in the latter half of the season started to pick it up. The defensive line was a big part in their great performance, as Greg Gaines, SJD, and A’Shawn Robinsion have all had great seasons.

Run Game, Pass Catchers, OBJ x4

The Rams offense improved tenfold with the addition of Stafford and it certainly showed with the pass catchers and run game. Kupp had his best season as a Ram, Woods was solid before injury, Van Jefferson was catching deep shots from Stafford, and OBJ was great as soon as he learned the offense. The run game has been solid despite going through 3 different running backs and the O-Line being shaky at times.

Aaron Donald, Sony Michel, Special Teams x3

Despite another great year by Aaron Donald, I didn’t feel the need to recognize his greatness each and every week, instead only highlighting his best performances. Sony Michel had a career resurgence with the Rams and did well leading the backfield in the absence of Akers. The special teams unit wasn’t very special until the Rams found Brandon Powell to lead the returning game.

Offensive Line, Matt Gay, Run Defense, Ernest Jones, Von Miller, Tyler Higbee x2

The offensive line had a solid year while facing some strong defensive fronts (TB x2, SF x3, IND). Matt Gay provided consistency at kicker the entire season while only missing 2 kicks in the regular season. Ernest Jones and Von Miller helped contribute at LB and made the run defense better upon their arrival. Tyler Higbee was Stafford’s safety blanket all year and had an underrated season.

Secondary, Desean Jackson, Taylor Rapp, Greg Gaines, Cam Akers x1

This group features mostly single game great performances like Jackson against the Bucs and Akers against the Cardinals. This group of players however has shown promise for the Rams future.


Special Teams, O-Line x3

For most of the year the special teams was subpar with Matt Gay being the saving grace of the unit. The O-Line has also had an up and down year with more bad performances than good ones lately.

Run Defense, Defense, Matthew Stafford, Troy Reeder, Darious Williams x2

There were just a couple bad games by the defense and Stafford during that middle stretch of the year. The bad defensive performances were usually also highlighted by both of the latter guys hence the nod to their bad performances.

Pass catchers not named Cooper Kupp, Sean McVay, Penalties, Robert Rochell, Desean Jackson, Run Game, Team Chemistry, Raheem Morris, Secondary, Rob Havenstein x1

This group is highlighted by both coaches having singular questonable performances during the year and mostly just bad single games. It can’t always be sunny in LA, there’s always things to improve on.


Defense, Matthew Stafford x5 — from the Washington Football Team vs. Los Angeles Rams at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. October 11, 2020 (All-Pro Reels Photography)

Both the defense and Stafford had some Meh stretches of games. Stafford ended up in this section a lot due to the fact that he’d commit a turnover but still manage to win the game.

Secondary x4

With the losses of Troy Hill and John Johnson the secondary took some steps back. Ramsey still had a major impact and was a main reason why they performed so well.

Run Game, Von Miller, Sony Michel x2

The run game led by Sony Michel started to become a threat. Sony Michel added a different type of run style to the offense and performed well within in it. Von Miller came into the defensive line rotation later in the season and had some solid but not amazing games.

Special Teams, Tyler Higbee, D-Line, O-Line, Robert Rochell, Sean McVay, OBJ, Run Defense, Ernest Jones, Pass Catchers, Offense, Injuries x1

You can see a lot of iffy performances out of this group like the special teams offense and OBJ in his debut. Overall there wasn’t any real terrible performances out of this group but these guys weren’t the best when the situation called for it.

Super Bowl Outlook

It’s been an absolute pleasure covering this team over the course of a season and to see them go through the ups and downs and finishing in the best way possible. I’ll be bringing you guys a Super Bowl preview as well as the last Rams good, bad, meh of the year so be on the lookout for those.

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