I had the chance to speak to Arron Mosby out of Fresno State. Mosby has played a variety of positions at the college level, and showcased his abilities at the NFLPA Bowl this past week.

Tell me about practice and the overall experience, what was that like?

It was a great experience just being around NFL coaches and great NFL talent that’s our future NFL talent, and really just trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can through those coaches and really from Jeff Fisher and the other players on my team.

What’s some good advice you got from those coaches?

I would say the main thing I got from one of Jeff Fisher’s stories was in a story he told about an alarm set. Basically it was if you set an alarm don’t be that guy that presses the snooze button, that means every time you press the snooze, you’re telling yourself you have more time than you really do. You set that alarm for a reason, for you to get up at that time, and you get set back thinking you have more time than you really do. You’ll eventually push things back further and further and maybe not even do it or do it the next day. The main message I took from that story and week was not to press the snooze button.

How do you feel the overall game and week improved your draft stock?

Hopefully I improved it, I heard a lot of good things. I tried to do as best I could playing at a position I’d like to play at in my future career and show people I still can play linebacker. I had a forced fumble in I think the first play of the game that rolled out of bounds, had a tipped ball that caused the pick, and a TFL. Hopefully my draft stock improved, I think I played great and did a great job these last 2 bowl games.

Is there a certain position you feel most comfortable in as a defender?

For sure linebacker, that’s my go to, I think I feel most comfortable at outside linebacker. Within the linebackers and the D-Line I feel like I can play any position the team needs me to play it’s just a mindset thing that you just got to transfer over and tell yourself you can do it. Other than that for me I feel most comfortable at linebacker.

What’s something you feel like you need to work on pre-draft?

I think I still could work on pass rushing if its a 3-4 team, just because that’s a new style of play for me. I played edge this past season in college but it was only for 6 months. I’ve played DB and LB my whole career so I would say rushing the passer because it’s new to me.

What’s something you feel you weren’t able to show the media/scouts this week?

I would say my ability to get interceptions, I work on it in practice, but game wise I haven’t in almost 2 years.

Is there an NFL player you model your game after?

Depending on the position, for linebacker I would say I’m liking Fred Warner’s game. He’s very nice, I like the way he runs to the ball, he plays a little outrageous and crazy just throwing his body around and covering guys. For LB/Edge I would say Micah Parsons, but he plays both so me and him have a similarity due to the fact that sometimes we play LB sometimes we play edge so him as well.

What NFL defender would you like to team up with?

As a team I would love to play with the Cardinals, I like their play style, as well as the Colts, the 49ers, and the Steelers. As for a player, TJ Watt.

What’s your pregame ritual look like?

My pregame ritual in college was I had to have an omelette, got to have the hot tub for at least an hour before the game. I also like to be by myself in a corner and just zone out and either watch some highlight tapes or my film or just something to help me envision that big play.

What’s your favorite meal to eat after a win?

Probably some tacos, I like Mexican food so tacos for sure.

What’s some of your hobbies outside of football?

Number one hobby is paint ball. I also like to shop for car parts, things for my car.

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