It’s February 11th, 2022 and you probably are well aware that the Eagles possess three first round draft choices (15/16/19) as well as seven others. Having a total of ten draft picks could make this years draft fun yet unpredictable.

There has been constant rumors flying around about the Eagles. For example, the potential trade with Seattle for Russell Wilson, or that the Eagles could potentially trade one of their first round picks to acquire picks in the ‘23 NFL Draft.

All of that is in the unknown at this moment and you can only focus on the present situation at hand and right now the Eagles have all of their draft picks, and will look to build a championship contending team.

Round 1 Pick 15: Jermaine Johnson II, DE, FSU (6’4 259)

Taking an edge rusher in the first round kills two birds with one stone. The Eagles deseperately need to get younger on the defensive side of the ball and they have to find Brandon Graham’s replacement. Drafting Jermaine Johnson II with the 15th overall selection does both.

Johnson II is a high rising edge rusher whose name has been climbing up the rankings all season. The fact that he was arguably the best overall player down in Mobile for the Senior Bowl on helped his case of being a guarenteed first round selection.

The Eagles have a history of drafting edge rushers who use speed to create power. Big time bull rush type of pass rusher but Johnson has the ability to do more.

His versatility to rush off the edge or beat his man inside is something the Eagles have been lacking since Trent Cole was here. Having a dynamic duo of power to speed edge rushers which include Josh Sweat and Jermaine Johnson II would be dangerous. The Bash Brothers from FSU has a nice ring to it.

Round 1 Pick 16: Kenyon Green, IOL, Texas A&M, (6’4 325)

Howie Roseman loves drafting and bolstering the trenches and he does so here with back to back picks.

Kenyon Green is one of the more versatile linemen in this draft. He can play either guard position and RT when needed.

Brandon Brooks just retired and it’s time to find his replacement and drafting Kenyon Green would do that. Funny thing is, Green is a very similar player to Brooks. Both are high IQ guys, who are big athletes and can play with a nasty streak.

Most people will scream for Tyler Linderbaum here, but the truth of the matter is he is most likely gone by this point, and Green is the best available IOL after Linderbaum who projects solely as a center.

Round 1 Pick 19: Andrew Booth Jr, CB, Clemson (6’0 200)

Darius Slay gets a new running mate. Andrew Booth Jr would come into Philly as CB2, but the city will embrace his style of play immediately.

It’s no secret that Eagles have struggled over the years to find a pairing of CB’s to stick and grow their roots here but selecting Booth Jr could change that.

A duo of Darius Slay and Andrew Booth would be a nightmare for opposing receivers across the league. Both are man first corners who have the ability to play zone. While Slay isn’t one to shy away from making a tackle or get involved in the running game, Booth Jr strives in it. His ability to shed blockers and blow up a run, or screen play is the best in the class hands down.

This kid is twitched up and just an overall explosive athlete with top notch cover and ball skills. Would be a huge addition to the Eagles secondary.

Round 2 Pick 51: Breece Hall, RB, Iowa State (6’1 220)

You may be looking at this confused saying “but we have Miles Sanders.” Sanders has yet to show he can play a full 16, now 17 game season. He constantly is battling ankle and soft tissue injuries and he is in a contract year.

Breece Hall possesses everything Nick Sirianni likes in his running backs. Hall is a patient runner who follows his blocks and invisions potential lanes before they open. He is extremely effective in the screen game which Sirianni puts a huge emphasis on. Since 2019 Hall has forced more missed tackles than anyone in college football (194).

With this teams new identity of running the football, it’s important to have someone who can stay on the field. Hall has shown to be durable and able to be the teams bell cow while at Iowa State.

Round 3 Pick 83: Chad Muma, LB, Wyoming (6’2 243)

The Eagles desperately need an inside linebacker who can be the general on the field. Chad Muma is just that.

Muma is highly instinctive and a natural leader. He is versatile and can play all three LB positions if needed. A coachable player who will always give his team 110%. Muma’s motor never turns off. One thing Eagles fans will like to hear is that he’s a good enough athlete to play in coverage and has DB in his background which he displays in his technique.

It’s been a while since the Eagles have had a leader and junk yard dawg at the MLB position and Muma can fill that void. Also his name is awesome to say. “Muma”.

Round 4 Pick 121: Christian Watson, WR, NDSU, (6’4 211)

Christian Watson is one of the bigger high risers in this years draft class. He dominated in lower level competition but it’s hard for non power 5 receivers to go very high.

With that being said at the Senior Bowl he displayed in 1 on 1’s that he had the capability to win off the line of scrimmage against some very talented cornerbacks. Watson possesses great size and lenght mixed with some interesting long speed.

The difference between him being a fourth round pick and a second round pick to me is the level of competition and his limited route tree. Very similar trajectory as Chase Claypool but a tad slimmer. He could be a diamond in the rough here for the Eagles.

Round 5 Pick 153: Jake Ferguson, TE, Wisconsin, (6’5 242)

Nick Sirianni loves to have talent and grit in his tight end room and Jake Ferguson fits the mold for tight ends Sirianni likes.

Ferguson, is a dual threat tightend who can block with the best of them, yet can create separation and get open for his QB. He had one of the better weeks of any tight end down at the senior bowl, but now a days teams aren’t valuing the position in the draft like they used to.

The Eagles would be smart to draft another tight end to pair with Dallas Goedert moving forward. Tyree Jackson is a interesting prospect, but Ferguson will give you more production right away.

Round 5 Pick 161: DeAngelo Malone, DE, Western Kentucky, (6’3 240)

The Conference USA DPOY winner DeAngelo Malone is an intriguing late round prospect the Eagles should explore.

Similar to the selection of Patrick Johnson in last years draft, Malone gives you a back up stand up edge rusher who can drop back into coverage. Only difference is Malone is a bit more polished and atheltic. His production in his 5 years at WKU is through the roof tallying 59 TFL 8 FF’s and 32.5 sacks.

Drafting Malone is a low risk, high reward move, that could always give the Eagles rotational reps or become a core special teams guy.

Round 5 Pick 166: Tariq Woolen, CB, UTSA, (6’4 205)

Tariq Woolen is an Ex WR turned CB just about 2 years ago. The size and physicality Woolen has will make him a very interesting late round prospect. It’s clear that Woolen is still green to the position and is learning on the fly, but the amount he has installed into his game in such a short time is impressive.

Woolen’s upside athletically and coverage wise is worth trying to untap his full potential. Spending a late 5th round pick on a guy who could potentially play rotational snaps or be a core special teams player is well worth the exploration.

Round 6 Pick 209: Myron Cunningham, OT, Arkansas, (6’5 310)

At this point in the draft, teams are usually taking the best player available on their boards and Myron Cunningham could be a developmental project for OL coach Jeff Stoutland to embark.

Cunningham has the size and atheltic ability coach Stoutland likes in his lineman. Another trait Cunningham possesses that “Stout” likes is a guy who will impose his will against his opponents and his film shows this over and over again.

By no means is this selection that’ll impact the team immediately but it could be a selection that could play a pivotal role in the future. Any offensive line prospect the Eagles draft has the chance to play above where they were drafted because of Jeff Stoutland.

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