The United States Football League kicks off this April on FOX and NBC, with the league’s opening game multi-cast on multiple networks (FOX and NBC) for the first time since Super Bowl I. The league will kick off on April 16th, 2022.

In the meantime, eight teams will select players from a pool of talent this season between February 22nd and 23rd. The player pool hasn’t been very clear this season as we in the media only have a very small sample size of who will be entering the league at this point.

From who we know (who have shown their invitations to the draft pool), here are the top ten prospects that we like entering the USFL draft pool.

Honorable Mention – LB Jerimiah Spicer, Riverside

Jerimiah Spicer is simply a grinder. Spicer spent a camp with the Los Angeles Chargers, coming from Riverside City, players with the Los Angeles Wildcats in the XFL, and spent a year in The Spring League where he was really able to put his skillset on tape. He’s quick, smart, and effective in multiple levels of the game.

He grinds out his social media account too, working to make connections with fans and analysts while sharing his highlights and tape. He has a chance to make a big impact in the USFL and show the NFL why he deserves a second chance.

Honorable Mention – DB Isaiah Brown, FIU

Isaiah Brown retired from football during training camp with the Buffalo Bills in 2020, but returns to the gridiron looking to bounce back after contracting Covid-19. He was the Bills first undrafted rookie signed to their roster and was anticipated as a long-shot to make the final roster.

Brown is an intriguing cover corner who played well in college, but had speed concerns at the next level. While he is a little handsy (drew seven penalties his senior season in college), Brown offers good size and hopefully can make a case for himself again at the next level.

#7. Slot WR Ben Putman, Nevada

Slot receiver Ben Putman exploded in The Spring League this past May, showing tremendous ability to make things happen across the board out of the slot underneath and deep. I thought that Putman was the leagues’ most valuable player through the first half of the season. His skillset is akin to Julian Edelman’s, showing the same route-running ability and consistency with his hands.

Putman didn’t get an NFL nod this year, which is a sign that the league won’t be looking to receivers in the smaller leagues just yet. However, he’s still a great talent and a joy to watch on the field. Assuming that he ends up in a more spread-based offense, I think Putman will continue to shine.

Honorable Mention Spotlight: DB Coray Williams, Wesley

A small school stud, Coray Williams made his mark attempting to enter the 2020 NFL Draft. The covid year made things very difficult for a small-school player like Williams to be uncovered, and he didn’t get his chance at the next level. He spent a season in the CIFL and now has an opportunity to shine in the USFL.

While Coray Williams hasn’t been playing, he’s been contributing to media as a draft scout/analyst, helping to put his football knowledge to the forefront. Williams is a very smart, hard-working, and humbled individual and will make an excellent teammate wherever he lands.

#6. QB David Moore, Central Michigan

Things could not have gone less ideal for David Moore in his college career due to a series of unforeseen circumstances. I interviewed him after an impressive 2021 College Gridiron Showcase showing where he displayed his high-level intellect and ability to throw the ball. However, his college tape, cut short by injuries and unlikely suspensions, was limited which made NFL clubs avoid him as they built their rosters last season.

Moore is a dual-threat quarterback with special ability. He’s displayed touch and accuracy while throwing and has a lot of tools that are positive to attempt to make an NFL run. Hopefully, Moore can show what he’s capable of at this level and get his chance at the next.

USFL Draft Pool Prospect #5. DB Manny Bunch, Tulsa

Manny Bunch was one of the players who really impressed me while playing in The Spring League last year. He’s a rangy safety prospect who has a tough nose and a feel for where the football will be.

Bunch’s only stop so far since leaving Tulsa was The Spring League last year, so this is another shot for Bunch to show NFL teams why he should get a shot. We love what he can potentially be at the next level.

#4. RB LaDarius Galloway, UTM

LaDarius Galloway has been successful wherever he has been in football. From Tennessee-Martin to Fan Controlled Football to The Spring League, he has thrived and showed his hard nosed, tough running ability combined with his effectiveness outside of the box as a receiver. How has he not gotten an NFL chance yet?

Hopefully, for Galloway, the USFL will be his final springboard to get him on top. He has the skillset, now he needs the chance.

#3. WR KaVontae Turpin, TCU

KaVontae Turpin has been through several leagues and played well at every stop. He stood out in The Spring League as a deep threat and difference maker with his speed. He was great through Fan Controlled Football. Then, this Summer, he participated in the European League of Football and dominated with the Wroclaw Panthers.

Turpin looks the part of an NFL receiver, and we’re hoping that this USFL season will be what he needs to get his chance at the next level.

#2. OL Sean Brown, Mississippi Valley State

Our contributor, Kyle Sheridan, loves what Sean Brown brings to a roster and has advocated for his NFL chances since his time in The Spring League. He’s played in just about any league that you can think of – the XFL, the AAF, the IFL, The Spring League… the list goes on. However, Brown hasn’t gotten his chance yet at the NFL level.

Brown is a strong, versatile lineman who can play across the offensive line. He projects best to me as a guard, but has the upside to work as a tackle or as a center. It’s shocking that the NFL hasn’t given him a shot yet, but hopefully a season in the USFL will fix that.

Best prospect in the USFL Draft Pool: DB Evan Worthington, Colorado

Heading into the 2019 NFL Draft, Evan Worthington was one of the more intriguing prospects of the cycle. Injuries derailed his chances significantly, and now removed from his NFL spot with the Baltimore Ravens, Worthington is looking for redemption.

Like Jim Nagy, the director of the Senior Bowl noted, Worthington is rangy and has good size, so we could potentially be looking at him as a nickel-back who can work downhill and operate from the box. We like him and the USFL should be his chance to get his career back on track.

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