Heading into the ‘22 NFL season the Eagles will have many holes they have to fill in order to get back to a Super Bowl contender.

As of right now the Eagles are projected to have 24 million dollars of cap space to play with and that’s not including the potential contract restructures that could save upwards of 32 million dollars.

Players such as Darius Slay, Javon Hargrave, Lane Johnson, Fletcher Cox, and Issac Seumalo could take restructures or extensions that would give the Eagles close to 50 million dollars to go out and bring top quality players to help this team get back to it’s contending ways.

With these types of scenarios looking highly likely, here are 7 players who would fit the needs and culture that Nick Sirianni is looking for.

S Marcus Williams, New Orleans Saints

It’s not secret that the Eagles need to strengthen their safety unit. To be honest, now more than even since the only safeties on their roster are Marcus Epps and K’von Wallace.

Being a big player on Marcus Williams makes sense on so many levels. Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni both praise versatility and Williams gives you just that. He’s best suited for two high safety packages which Jonathan Gannon called a lot this season.

Williams has been consistently productive in his five years in New Orleans totaling 320 total tackles, 15 INT’s and 3 FF’s. He’d step into Philadelphia as the best coverage safety since Troy Vincent.

DE Haason Reddick, Carolina Panthers

Bring Haason Reddick home, Howie!!! No, but really signing Haason Reddick makes a ton of sense for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Normally the Eagles like their pass rushers to be bigger in size and primarily speed to power guys, but Reddick brings versatility to the Edge position. Being an off ball linebacker once before gives him the ability to rush the quarterback and play the screen game like Jonathan Gannon loves from his edge rushers.

Reddick may be undersized, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting to the quarterback consistently. He also doesn’t shy away from being involved in the run game. Forcing 8 sacks and totaling 23.5 sacks over the past two years, I’d say he’s more than capable of playing the opposite side of BG or Josh Sweat.

RB Leonard Fournette, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Before we go haywire about bringing in another running back to splits touches with Miles Sanders, listen to reason first. Fournette couldn’t be more of a perfect fit for this offense. Fournette is an athletic Jordan Howard who can be effective in the passing game.

We’re in the era of the “running back by committee” and that’s not going to change any time soon. Fournette showed last season with Tampa that he has plenty more in the tank and that may entice Howie Roseman.

It’s no secret that Miles Sanders can’t stay healthy and can’t stay on the field so it’s pivotal to have a RB2 who can carry the workload. Leonard Fournette is more than capable of doing so.

WR Mike Williams, Los Angeles Chargers

There is no reason the Eagles shouldn’t be able to atleast offer the highest contact in free agency. Howie Roseman may not want to waste another first rounder on a WR and wait and see if they’re a boom or bust prospect. Going into free agency and getting one of the top proven WR just makes the most sense.

Williams is coming off a spectacular year totaling 76 receptions, 1,146 yards, and 9 TD’s. 2021 was by far his best year of his career.

Williams would bring a big bodied X to this team that it desperately needs. Giving Jalen Hurts a 50/50 ball machine may help take a lot of pressure off of some of his deep ball shots.

Though the LA Chargers have a lot of money to spend, they need to rework that entire offensive line and secondary. It’ll be extremely hard for them to bring Williams back.

The last time the Eagles signed a top free agent WR it turned out pretty well (Alshon Jeffery SB stud). Signing Mike Williams has the potential to be an elite signing.

QB Marcus Mariota, Las Vegas Raiders

After 8 seasons, the Eagles can finally get Mariota. What a time to be alive.

When it comes down to it, It doesn’t seem likely that Gardner Minshew will be here next season. There has been rumors that teams have called the Eagles regarding Minshew’s status, and if the Eagles can receive a 3rd or 4th round pick for him, he’s most likely a goner.

That brings me to the Eagles signing Marcus Mariota. It’s highly unlikely that the Seattle Seahawks trade Russell Wilson so that leave the Eagles with Jalen Hurts. He’s going to need a back up QB if Minshew is moved and Mariota makes a whole lot of sense.

Mariota as a QB is similar to Hurts. If Hurts were to ever miss games due to covid or injury, there wouldn’t be much of a difference in the game plan.

The Eagles could probably get Mariota on a cheap 2 year deal with an op-out option.

LB Anthony Barr, Minnesota Vikings

Anthony Barr is an aging veteran who will be likely looking to sign with anyone who gives him the highest contract he can possibly get. Jonathan Gannon’s familiarity with Barr due to coaching him for several years in Minnesota may come as an advantage while trying to sign him.

Last year was sort of a rough year staying on the field for Barr. He suffered from multiple injuries that kept him sidelined for 6 total games.

When he was available and able to be in the field, Barr should he still had plenty left in the tank. In only 11 games this season, he was on pace to break his career highs in tackles, FF’s, Sacks, TFL’s, and actually had a career high in INT’s.

Barr being 30 years old may be entering his last and final contract. The Eagles may be able to get Barr on cheaper deal than most due to his familiarity to Gannon and similarity in defense ran here in Philadelphia. Even though Barr is 30 and aging, he’d come into Philadelphia as the best LB on the roster. He would be a major upgrade to Genard Avery.

CB Donte Jackson, Carolina Panthers

Athleticism, explosiveness, and alpha dog like mentality are three traits the Eagles cornerback have lacked since Asante Samuel was here. Donte Jackson could bring that swagger and skill set back to Philadelphia.

Coming off the best year of his career, Jackson will be looking to cash in on a long term deal. Thankfully, the Eagles will have the money for a CB that fits their scheme to perfection.

Jackson strives in zone coverages, where he can keep his eyes on the QB and use his unique quickness to break on the ball. Jackson isn’t a number 1 corner, but that’s okay due to the Eagles already having Darius Slay who is.

In a Jonathan Gannon type defense, combining Darius Slay’s lockdown ability and Donte Jackson’s playmaking ability and swagger in, it’s a match made in heaven.


Come March, the Eagles will be amongst the most aggressive in the free agent market. Knowing their history, Howie Roseman will look to add at the LB, WR, and CB via free agency. The only difference this year is they need to try to sign younger instead of older.

All seven players above come instantly, start, and make an impact. They’ll have plenty of money to spend so there’s no excuse for them not to improve this team dramatically this off-season.

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