If you watched any west-coast college football over the last two years and didn’t watch Nevada, do you really watch college football? Carson Strong emerged as one of the top arm talents in the 2022 NFL Draft over his three years as the starter at Nevada, completing 70% of his passes over the last two seasons and throwing for 74 touchdowns in his collegiate career.

First impressions are everything. Strong was one of the most sought after athletes on the media floor. He conducted interviews with ESPN, CBS Sports, and Phil Simms on NBC after his podium appearance, which he then took to leave the floor. I walked with him toward the exit.

Football Sapient: So, what are you working on the most right now to try and get ready for the Draft and kinda show teams what you can do?

Carson Strong: Well, you know, just working with Jordan Palmer, my quarterback trainer, just driving off my back foot, you know. Using the ground as leverage. Getting my whole body into the throw instead of just, you know, throwing the ball with my arm.

Football Sapient: Yeah, ’cause I think that was one of the things that a lot of people talked about on your tape and stuff. So what do you think is your biggest weakness at this point, you know, that you’re really going to try to overcome?

Carson Strong: Yeah, well, what people are judging on my tape is not the 100% Carson Strong. I had a surgery in February that was supposed to be year-long (recovery). I came back in six months. So, I just wasn’t quite 100%. Just getting strong again, trusting my leg again. Using it to, you know, drive off of it again. So really, that’s my biggest weakness.

Football Sapient: If there is a concept that you like to run, that number one that you like doing?

Carson Strong: I love Y Cross. So, that’s a two-by-two spread, it’s called doubles for us. You got a go ball from the outside receiver to the left, clearing it out. You got a option route from number two who can work an out route or a stick, and then the meat of the play, on the other side, you got a crossing route from Y who can either take the middle against two-high or snap it across against one-high, and then a post curl in the flat on the high-low flat defender.

Y Cross, baby!

Post interview observations

Some guys, you get a good feeling about and it leaves you overly impressed with the person you just spoke with. Carson Strong is one of those people.

Strong clearly impressed everyone that he spoke with at the Combine. Chris Simms spoke with him for a good moment off camera before he left the set. Strong’s easy-going composure is certainly something that he can play to his advantage when building a locker room chemistry with new teammates. He certainly has some moxie to his style and was overall an enjoyable person.

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By John Vogel

NFL Draft Analyst. Dad.

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