North Dakota State wide receiver Christian Watson has been a dominant player on the FCS level of college football, showcasing all of the positive traits that can flourish in the NFL – between speed, agility, route-running promise, and contested catch ability, Watson can become a very effective receiver at the next level.

I got the chance to talk with the Bison product at the NFL Combine, as he waited for his next interview on television. He was very tall, measuring in at 6’4″ exactly in Mobile, but composed and confident in himself.

Football Sapient: You went to the Senior Bowl this year. Originally, you were going to the Shrine but you got to the Senior Bowl. Can you tell me about that experience and how that helped you prep for this?

Christian Watson: It was an amazing opportunity for me. Obviously my goal is to play, you know, with and against the best of the best, and the Senior Bowl was another opportunity for me play against, you know, what’s considered the best against the best of this draft class. So it was an amazing opportunity for me. I feel like I was able to make the most of it and do what I needed to do going into it. Obviously, throughout the week of practice, you know, I think it was a great opportunity for me.

Football Sapient: Watching you on tape, the thing that always stood out with you was your speed. Right? That’s kinda one of the biggest things to your game. What do you think you’re going to run?

Christian Watson: Uh, I’ve been trying to keep it a little bit of a secret going into it. But I think it’s gonna open a lot of eyes.

Football Sapient: Good. ‘Cause that was the biggest thing. The return game specifically, I think, I’m trying to remember what game specifically I was watching. Sam Houston State! The kick return. That really showed a lot of what you can do. So, what’s your favorite kind of concept to run, you know, route-wise? Whether it’s one-man, two-man, or route, whatever that would be. What’s your favorite thing to do on the field?

Christian Watson: My favorite thing is to just run routes and catch footballs. I don’t think I have one particular route that’s my favorite. Shit, I mean I love running every single route.

Football Sapient: What have you been working on specifically this offseason to try and show NFL teams that you can do better than you maybe would have had on tape?

Christian Watson: Yeah, I’ve been trying to fine-tune the details. You know, at the top of my routes, speed. Speed, quickness in and out of my breaks. Those are just things that I’m trying to fine-tune. You’ve got to be elite in all aspects of the game at this next level, and that’s something that I’m continually striving to be throughout this offseason.

Post Interview notes

Watson doesn’t strike me as a guy who would be an issue in a locker room. He also doesn’t come across to me as a leader. That’s fine – you can’t have too many chiefs and not enough Indians if you intend to mesh a team together. However, this was my observation of Watson from speaking with him.

He seems like a solid kid and you didn’t leave him with any bad vibes or potential problems at all. I like Watson a lot and I wish him nothing but success at the next level.

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By John Vogel

NFL Draft Analyst. Dad.

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