Howie Roseman and Nick Sirianni came up to the podium yesterday, and were asked an abundance of well detailed questions regarding topics like Jalen Hurts, Miles Sanders, the draft, and potential moves for the off-season. Here are some takeaways from yesterday’s interview.

Jalen Hurts will be the Eagles QB for the ‘22 season

One of the first questions asked was if after a month of evaluating, would Jalen Hurts still be their guy, and Howie Roseman answered pretty firmly. Roseman on Jalen Hurts being the QB moving forward. “There’s no doubt about it. I think when you talk about all the things we talked about at the end of the season, nothing has changed.” Roseman also went on to stay his comments he’s made in January have not changed.

“Free agency is up and coming, and we have to continue to add good players,” Roseman commented. “We have to continue to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to maximize our player’s ability to be successful. Certainly, that starts at the quarterback position with Jalen.”

Nick Sirianni seemed very hard pressed on the notion that Jalen Hurts is his guy. “We’re hopeful that Jalen continues his progression upwards with the number of reps that he gets,” Sirianni said. “You do that, and you try to do as many things as you can in the offseason to simulate that, but we are not by any means a finished product.”

He also spoke on seeing other young QBs such as Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow take their teams on deep playoff runs and still believes Jalen Hurts can improve to be one of those types of players and do the same for the Eagles.

Though Hurts is the QB of the ‘22 season, the team is still looking into the QBs of this draft and are actually on record meeting a few already. Ole Miss QB Matt Corral, UNC QB Sam Howell, and Nevada QB Carson Strong have all stated in interviews that they have met with the Eagles already. We all know Howie Roseman’s infatuation with QBs so you cant count out the possibility of him drafting one in the mid rounds.

The Eagles will not be keeping all three of their first round picks

After hearing and seeing Howie Roseman grin ear to ear talking about accruing more assets and possible trades, I get the sense there’s no way he keeps all three selections. Roseman may even deal two of the three first rounders. Whether that be for future draft capital or for a proven player that is yet to be seen, but the feeling is that Howie Roseman is going to make a major move somehow.

Roseman spoke on the three first round picks they possess “When you think about the National Football League, it’s all about resource allocation. Basically, every team has the same salary cap number. Basically, every team has a number of draft picks. If you can get an edge either by creating cap room or by getting more draft picks, now you have more shots to take. I think that’s what we’re really excited about. We have more shots than we’ve had in the past couple of years.”

No new update on Miles Sanders contract extension with the Eagles

Miles Sanders is entering his last year of his rookie contract and is due for an extension. When Roseman was asked about Sanders contract extension he declined to comment on contract talks. He stated that he’d never talk on a players contract conversations because it’s private.

Roseman went on to talk more about the Sanders situation “Miles is a heck of a player and a heck of a person.” Roseman also added “We haven’t even seen everything Miles can give this team. Obviously, he’s been really productive, and he wants to get in the end zone as well, but I think the best is yet to come for Miles.”

The feeling I get is, for Miles Sanders this is the make it or break it season. If he can stay healthy and produce more touchdowns, he’ll get paid here, if he can’t he won’t. It’s not a secret the team loves Sanders, and Sanders loves the team, but at the end of the day, production comes first and he has to produce better numbers this season.

Jason Kelce’s return seems likely

Eagles fans across the Tri-State area knew Eagles HC Nick Sirianni said he was going to send Jason Kelce a keg to try and convince him to return for another year. Well it turns out he wasn’t bluffing. “The keg has been sent to his house,” Sirianni said. “And I think it got delivered today courtesy of Lower Merion Beverages, so appreciate them helping out with that.”

All jokes aside it seems like our all pro center will be back for atleast another season. “We have been in communication, we’re hopeful. There has been no final decision made.” Sirianni stated to the media.

You’re not going to come across an Eagles fan who isn’t pulling for Kelce to come back to the Eagles, and I believe that goes for the organization as a whole too. He’s the engine that keeps this offensive line and offense going. Losing him would be a hard void to fill.

No more Rock-Paper-Scissors

Nick Sirianni decided to give up on his famous rock-paper-scissors method, instead he now is having players shoot 5 free throws on a small Villanova basketball net. “I don’t think everyone liked my Rock-Paper-Scissors stuff last year,” Sirianni joked. “In all seriousness, like, if we can figure out when we get in there a little bit of their competitiveness. If we can get a little sense of that, that is a plus. We’ll do anything to figure out some of the answers to the test. Whether it’s figuring out a little bit more about the players’ toughness, a little bit more about the players’ competitiveness, and the players love for football.”

Multiple prospects confirmed that they indeed took shots on Nick Sirianni’s mini basketball net.

You can watch the full interview by clicking the link below.

Full Howie Roseman/Nick Sirianni Combine Interview

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