Ohio State has produced a lot of big, legitimate talents over the past several decades for the NFL, who view the program as a powerhouse of talent. Thayer Munford Jr is no exception to this rule of thumb. The former tackle moved to guard in 2021 and it was a very well suited move for the big man, who measures in on Thursday.

Munford thrived at guard this season, earning praise from across the league and NFL Draft analysts for his play at the position. He’s a three-year starter for the Buckeyes and has a lot of experience under his belt.

Football Sapient: What have you been working on prepping for this event specifically?

Thayer Munford Jr: I’ve been really prepping on my speed, you know? Getting my weight down a little bit more. It’s really high right now because you haven’t really done anything. So you have to get ready for it. Just getting my footwork right with Duke (Manyweather). Just taking everything in as (much as) possible.

Football Sapient: What teams have you been meeting with so far out here?

Thayer: I’ve met with basically everybody. I’d say probably twenty, twenty-five teams. They’ve been talking to me, asking me basically, “alright, what can you bring us to the team?” And I told them, I basically said, “definitely, I can bring my determination. To actually finish and make sure that the quarterback doesn’t really get hit.”

Football Sapient: Gotcha. So what have you been telling them that you think your biggest strength is on the field?

Thayer: Long arms. Footwork. Just being determined not to actually let them get to the quarterback.

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While it was clear that Thayer Munford was a little bit nervous, I caught him before he went on a Sirius Radio appearance, I liked the fire that he showed at the booth and his overall humility and calm composure. He wasn’t afraid to just collect himself with me and clarify his thoughts, which I can appreciate. This is a tough week.

Overall, Munford is a good kid who would be a welcome piece to develop into a team’s starter. I think with a good performance on Thursday, he can really settle himself into an early day-three pick with a lot of potential to be a multi-year starter in the league.

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By John Vogel

NFL Draft Analyst. Dad.

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