Anyone who saw any part of the 2019 LSU season saw that the secondary was phenomenally anchored by none other than Derek Stingley Jr. He’s an elite prospect at his position group, and while injuries have derailed him significantly at this point, there is no denying his ability on the field, which is special.

Stingley Jr finished his career playing in 25 collegiate games and totaling six career interceptions (all in his freshman season) and 20 pass breakups. Before an injury ended his 2021 season, Stingley doubled his career tackle-for-loss total with 3.5 tackles behind the line in his three games. He offers significant upside as a run defender on the boundary, and not just a pass coverage player.

Football Sapient: You played at LSU, you got that valued #7 this year. Can we talk about what that meant to you as a player?

Derek Stingley Jr: It was a big deal to me, getting the #7 because of the people who’s had it in the past. They’ve done a lot in their careers at LSU and when I got it I was just hoping that I could just go out there and play as me.

Football Sapient: Awesome. Talk about your technique a little bit when, specifically, you’re playing in that man coverage. What do you like to do, and what’s your favorite kinda setup?

Derek: Really, it depends on the receiver. So, if I have a quicker guy sometimes I’ll choose and I’ll try to get hands on early or get him some space so I let him get going a little bit ’cause, you know, I can run with him. But if it’s a bigger receiver, that’s when I try to really, you know, stuff him at the line to the best of my ability. It’s really a different approach with everybody.

Football Sapient: Your rehab has gone really well up to this point?

Derek: Yes, it’s going great.

Post interview notes and impressions

I spoke with Derek Stingley Jr before he went onto there Sirius XM Radio set to speak with a few people himself. He was very comfortable in the media environment and wasn’t at all appearing to be worried or out of his own character. He was very comfortable with himself in this environment.

I liked Stingley and he certainly came across to me as a good dude. I think Stingley is a professional who has made his career at the next level with his strong play and solid traits across the board. We’re looking forward to seeing him play and have no lack of confidence in his ability.

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