If you have watched any SEC football over the last couple of years, then you probably know something about Kentucky EDGE rusher, Josh Paschal. The three-year starter at Kentucky racked up 35.5 tackles for loss in his collegiate career and 13 sacks and still had a year of eligibility remaining in college due to the pandemic.

Paschal stands out on tape with his power and explosion, two traits that are very important to have at the next level. While there are some technique and mechanical things that Josh can clean up, he shows the tools to be successful, which could be a safe bet as an NFL team.

Football Sapient: That commercial you did this year. It kinda went a little viral. You probably know exactly which one I’m talking about. How did you get into that and was that an idea that you had or anything? Like, did you have any input in the creative process?

Josh Paschal: No, I didn’t. It was more of the dentist that reached out to me. It was really off of The Office, you know, it was, like, kinda based off of that. But they had something special that they wanted to do. I did a little acting class before, so, I might as well just try it out. It was pretty funny.

Football Sapient: It looks like you’ve lost a little bit of weight since you’ve been playing.

Josh: Yes, I have.

Football Sapient: What are you down to now?

Josh: I’m like, 270. 273. Somewhere in there.

Football Sapient: Well, you’re carrying it very well. You don’t look that big. That’s not a diss, that’s a compliment. You’re carrying it really well.

Josh: Appreciate that.

Football Sapient: What do you like doing the most? You know, like as an edge rusher, that rush edge off a 3-4, do you think you can put your hand in the dirt? Like, where are you most comfortable playing?

Josh: I can play anything as far as 3-4/4-3. I play outside linebacker and d-line in a 3-4 at Kentucky. But, going on forward in the NFL, if I’m in a 4-3 I can play base downs, outside. I can play on third downs, outside also. I could be an interior rusher as well.

Football Sapient: How do you feel as a pass coverage guy?

Josh: I mean, I know coverages. It’s something I knew from Kentucky. I will drop into the curl/flat. I will match some calls. I dropped to the strong hooks this past year, drive hash drops. It’s something I work on, but I feel fairly comfortable with it.

Football Sapient: What have you been working on specifically in this process to get ready for this Combine?

Josh: The Combine drills. Uh, slimming down. I worked on pass rush, that’s something that I wanted to do, but with the Combine, of course, it’s just strictly going through those Combine drills so just working on those. Working on my explosiveness and getting my strength back from the season.

Football Sapient: Do you think you’re going to wow some people tomorrow night with some of the stuff?

Josh: For sure. Yeah.

Football Sapient: I mean, any hint that you’ve got for anybody?

Josh: The people will see.

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Josh Paschal struck me as an impressive young man who was very straight-forward and open with me. He has a calm demeanor about him and does a great job handling himself with the media. He was approachable, calm, and collected during our interview.

Paschal has the traits and tools to be successful at the next level, we just need to see it all come together. I don’t have much doubt that things will go well for Josh. I look forward to watching him throughout his NFL career.

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By John Vogel

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