Football Sapient: You switched from Clemson to Georgia. You won the Natty this year, so do you want to talk a little bit about the difference in the cultures between the two programs?

Derion Kendrick: I’ll say [that] it wasn’t too different of a culture. I’ll just say that it felt a little bit more comfortable when I landed in Georgia, you know? People I could lean on each and every day. Not really keeping myself isolated sometimes, and that’s what I had to work on, you know, just putting trust in people.

Football Sapient: Gotcha. So, your man coverage technique. What is your favorite one to go to? What do you like to use the most?

Derion: I switch it up sometimes, but you know, just pierce-stepping, reading what the release is gonna be like, and that’s coming off of film, to be honest. Knowing how he likes to release, what routes he likes to run, when he releases. So, just playing with my eyes and not getting too physical.

Football Sapient: What was it like for you making that play in the National Championship to put that game away?

Derion: Yes sir. Coach was telling me that, “it’s that time, they gonna be putting the ball in the air.” So, you know, just being locked in. Taking those deep breaths, staying composed with the ball in the air. Just showing that I can be that guy that you can depend on that island.

Football Sapient: What was the main difference from you going from the SEC Championship game, maybe a mentality, maybe it was something that you observed on tape, whatever that was, going from the SEC Championship game to playing them again in the Championship?

Derion: Alright. First, I would just say, really how we planned the game. In the first game, we got away from ourselves a little bit. But, after that game, we just locked in and got back to the basics about what we was running through the whole season. It really wasn’t too much different than what we seen from the first game. It was just how we played.

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By John Vogel

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