Football Sapient: Talk a little bit about some of the adjustment that you’re going to have to make because in the NFL you just have those first five yards.

Roger McCreary: It’s just me being more patient with that. I know that I’m aggressive with the receiver when he gets into his route so it’s just like me being more patient and trusting my feet. Going to the next level, I know that after those first five yards I can’t touch the receiver, I’m not bothered by that at all. ‘Cause you can always adjust and I feel like I’m the person who adjusts to the system easily.

Football Sapient: Some of the things that have come out lately has been some people showing some arms length concerns. To me, that’s not a big deal, but to some of these other teams that might be asking about that, how do you respond to that?

Roger: No team, nobody has asked me about my arm length. But the rumors about my arm length, everything, look it just don’t phase me at all. People are just, like, looking for something to talk bad about you. I really don’t care ’cause I always know I’m a great player. So that’s my mentality every time. Just play. I don’t care.

Football Sapient: When you get into man coverage, what’s that technique that you like to go to and use?

Roger: A technique that I like to use is a leverage step, off hand jam. That’s what I love to do the most. Just be patient, off hand jam. That’s my move.

Football Sapient: What is the most important trait that you think you bring to the field?

Roger: The most important trait that I bring is just, like, my man coverage. With that, just the man, locking a guy up, you know, my football IQ. Recognizing a play before it happens. Like, being more smarter of the game, and just getting into different zones because I didn’t just, like, play man. I played man, zone, cover two, and a lot of other stuff.

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By John Vogel

NFL Draft Analyst. Dad.

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