If you want to talk about a man making a transformation, let’s talk about Arizona State tight end Curtis Hodges. The Sun Devils seam-threat entered campus five years ago as a wide receiver, weighing just shy of 200 pounds. At the NFL Combine, Hodges weighed in at 257, quite the body transformation over the last few years.

It’s interesting to say or think, but Hodges still has room to add to his frame despite the weight. He tested decently well at the Combine, about expected, and still offers good versatility because of his length.

Football Sapient: What was it like playing for Coach Edwards?

Curtis Hodges: It was a blessing, honestly, we had a lot of great coaches on that staff. Hall of Fame guys. Got to learn from a lot of great people. It was good.

Football Sapient: What do you think is the best part of your game? What are you bringing to an NFL team that will make you stand out?

Curtis: I’m able to stretch the field. I’m able to get down the seams. Get behind the linebackers, you know what I’m saying?

Football Sapient: So you like that matchup and you like working the seams more than anything else?

Curtis: Basically, yeah. That’s a good part of my game.

Football Sapient: Anything that you can say from your experience with the NFLPA Game that really stood out?

Curtis: Oh, it was good. I think I got comfortable. I was able to compete with some of those guys really well. Got to meet some great people, great coaches. It was a lot of fun.

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Curtis Hodges’ exterior read calm and composed, but his answers read more nervous than he was letting show. Still, Hodges showed intelligence and handled himself around the media very well.

There’s a lot that we learned about him this week now that we’ve seen him test. He’s fairly explosive, he offers value as a vertical threat, but looks more as a tight end 2 in most 12 personnel sets. Still, that’s valuable across the league as the double tight-end set is making a comeback everywhere. Hodges has a clear role that he can play and that should be enticing for some teams to take the shot in the later rounds of day three.

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By John Vogel

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