Recency bias, injuries, and a case of collective amnesia have caused NFL fans and media alike to forget exactly who Lamar Jackson is. During the Chiefs vs Bills divisional round game there was a moment where Romo and Nantz talked about the young quarterback battles that would carry the league for the next 10 years, they rattled off a bunch of names but failed to mention Lamar Jackson. The 2021-2022 season was a down year for the Ravens as a whole not Jackson. They came into the season without their starting running backs, star corner, then would end up losing their other star corner in Marlon Humphrey.

The Ravens Rollercoaster

The Ravens would suffer their biggest loss in week 14 when Lamar Jackson was carted off the field with an ankle injury that would be diagnosed as a bone bruise. At the time the Ravens were 8-5 but with Jackson missing the last four games of the season they would finish 8-9 and miss the playoffs. This same Ravens team was at one point 8-3 while holding the number one seed in the AFC. The Ravens went on a five game win streak at the beginning of the season that had them sitting 5-1. During that run Lamar Jackson out gunned and out performed the quarterbacks a lot of you put over him.

In a week two Sunday night battle vs the Chiefs, Jackson put up 107 yards on the ground with two touchdowns. Granted it was not a great night in the air for him as he went 18/26 for 239 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions he was still able to get the job done. Two weeks later in another primetime thriller the Ravens took on the Colts. Lamar threw for 442 yards while completing 37 of 43 passes. Four of those completions went for touchdowns.

The next week Justin Herbert came to Baltimore but left his game and the rest of the offense in LA. Herbert and company were only able to produce six points that game. The season as a whole was not great for Lamar but he still went 7-5 as a starter. His 16 touchdowns and 13 interceptions were a drop off from previous seasons but this is what happens when your offensive line can’t protect you, your best receiver is a tight end, and you lose your backfield before the season started.

Lets Be Real

Moral of the story is everything is circumstantial and Jackson did not have the best circumstances this past season. With the Ravens in a bad way that opened the door for Joe Burrow and the Bengals to blast through it straight to the Super Bowl. Not to take anything away from what the Bengals accomplished but if the Ravens were fully healthy do you really thing they get swept by the Bengals? Hypotheticals are just fairy tales and hindsight is alway 20/20 but it’s fun to ask the questions. Back to reality, the reality is that with Lamar missing time and the playoffs, many have forgotten who Lamar Action Jackson is. So much so that anybody with a checkmark on Twitter has decided to openly say bewildering things.

Exhibit A

Please tell me in what universe is Jimmy G a better fit for the Ravens than Lamar Jackson? Look at Jimmy G and why he’s been to two title games and super bowl. He’s a great game manger but he will not win you a ball game. It’s time for Twitter to start revoking verification badges when someone sends out a horrible football take.

Moving Forward

The 2022-2023 season is months away so Lamar Jackson’s bounce back remains to be seen. If he does come back to burn the league down remember who tried to warn you against the slander of Action Jackson.

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