In a groundbreaking and shocking trade, the Los Angeles Chargers made a trade yesterday for superstar EDGE rusher Khalil Mack.

Per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport the Los Angeles Chargers are trading away their 2022 2nd Round Pick along with their 2023 6th Round selection to the Bears for superstar pass rusher Khalil Mack. Khalil Mack fills a huge position of need for the Chargers.

What Can We Expect From Mack?

Khalil Mack has started to become one of the more underrated pass rushers in the NFL by fans. His basic statistical production has dropped off in terms of sacks and TFLs. Mack has not reached over 10 sacks since the 2018 NFL Season which was his first season with the Chicago Bears. He also hasn’t reached over 15 TFLs since his final season with the Raiders in 2017. However, these basic stats do not tell the whole story about Khalil Mack.

While I whole-heartedly feel that watching and analyzing film of players is more useful than using advanced analytics and stats. I do feel that using advanced analytics can be used as a supportive argument to whatever you feel that your film study is showing you. Now with that being said advanced analytics heavily support the fact that Khalil Mack is still a monster.

Khalil Mack Is A Monster Still…

Khail Mack since he has entered the NFL has never ranked lower than 5th in terms of run-defense grades amongst edge rushers. In 2020 which was Mack’s most recent full season of play he ranked 5th in terms of pass rush win rate % per PFF amongst eligible Edge rushers in the NFL. He also ranked tied 7th in the NFL in Pressures by an EDGE rusher.

Now you are able to pair Khalil Mack with a monster in superstar pass rusher Joey Bosa. Neither of these players have ever had a teammate of this caliber before. These two players both get frequently double-teamed because of their sheer ability to affect games in an instant.

Where do the Chargers go from here?

Some fans were worried that the Chargers would be taking on Khalil Mack’s full contract. However, per, the Chargers cap hit for Khalil Mack this season will only wind up being roughly $17.75 Million.

This allows the Chargers to have some extra cap flexibility heading into what should shape out to be a very interesting offseason. With the likely upcoming cut of right tackle Bryan Bulaga, the Chargers can save roughly $10.75M by cutting Bulaga. This will allow the Chargers to continue to retool their roster around superstar Justin Herbert who just happens to be on his rookie contract.

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