Aqeel Glass always wanted to play quarterback, but when he was a young, aspiring football player, he started out as a defensive end and tight end. He has prototypical size for the NFL and his arm strength is certainly suitable. Glass is a very smart, capable person who has an engineering degree from Alabama A&M, and hopes to start his own engineering firm in life after football. 

Aqeel Glass

HT: 6037
WT: 232
WING: 7848
ARM: 3248
HAND: 878
DOB: 7/7/1998
Year: Redshirt Senior
High School: Lutheran North (St. Louis, MO)
HS Rating: N/A
Phil Steele: N/A

Pro Day Workout
40: 5.27
VJ: 23.5
BJ: 8-3
SS: 4.82
3C: 7.64

Aqeel Glass Complete Scouting Report

Big arm that is capable of stretching the field. Throws with decent velocity when he needs to. Beautiful touch ball. Flashes the ability to throw with touch very well, especially while performing in the all-star games this offseason. Release is slow and prolonged. Has way too much wasted motion while trying to make the throw. Alabama A&M wanted to get their RPO action moving and Glass’s release was often a detriment to that scheme being successful. Couldn’t get the ball out fast enough and lost accuracy while trying to rush his release.

Struggles to get the deep ball touch in there accurately. Deep accuracy in general is not at all ideal. Struggles to be consistent with his accuracy because of an inconsistent plant technique. Did flash the ability to throw extremely accurately, consistency is not there. Placement is spotty but typically well away from the defender. Throws well to space. Shows the ability to throw very well timing concepts with perfect placement.

Athletic Ability

Doesn’t like to position in the pocket, drops well outside of it and doesn’t like to work back up into it. Doesn’t maneuver the pocket well, typically wants to get outside of it as soon as he can. Wasn’t effective when working back up into the pocket to buy time.

Footwork is not consistent. Needs to work on his technique. He will step up and not consistently get a good platform. Oftentimes rushes the throw and doesn’t settle into his stance, although that might be a product of the scheme at Alabama A&M. Will try to force the ball off his back foot. A little bit slow with his footwork. Would like to see quicker work.

Moves well out of the pocket. Used in designed roll out plays. Maneuverers through traffic extremely well. Very average runner moving downfield. A little bit too lumbery and upright. Tested extremely poorly. Doesn’t really show much of an ability to improv and make things happen. Limited athletic ability stifles him. Works well to keep the play alive. Doesn’t have the athletic ability to do it very long or effectively.

Football Intelligence

Very much aware of situations. Uses his eyes and body language very well. Doesn’t show much of an understanding for coverages or how to attack them. Very intelligent young man. Consummate professional. No known off-field red flags. No known injury history. Aqeel Glass has a lot that he could get better about, but whether he gets the coaching and the patience to develop is the question. We’re going to bet on that he will not.

Overall Grade
Quarterback: 53

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