Ben Adler isn’t a guy who has played on the offensive line very long. In fact, his junior year of high school was the first time he played offensive lineman. A run mauler who has steadily improved every year at the right guard position, Adler offers considerable upside as a project right guard in a heavy run system. Wants to play closer to 325 lbs despite weighing in at 337 on his pro day.

The Measurables

Ben Adler

HT: 6037
WT: 337
WING: 7700
ARM: 3268
HAND: 1000
DOB: 10/17/1998
Year: Redshirt Senior
High School: Trinity Academy (Wichita, KS)
HS Rating: 3 star (0.8325)
Phil Steele: PS#251

Pro Day Workout
40: 5.28
BP: 23
VJ: 26.0
BJ: 7-11
SS: 4.95
3C: 8.09

Ben Adler Complete Scouting Report

Is not particularly fast. Can serve in the short pull, and was asked to do so effectively in Kansas State. Questionable whether he will be able to pull at the next level. Not particularly quick but is very laterally fluid. Sets well while moving laterally. Keeps his feet in short choppy steps to ensure he’s set as quickly as he can be. Upper body strength is solid. Does a good job locking up defenders once he gets hands on them. Very strong lower half. Plays with a low center of gravity. Does a good job pushing well and utilizing his lower half to anchor and recover. Absolute brute when he wants to be. Gets downhill with a lot of power.


Anchor has steadily improved. Would like to see him chop his feet quicker when going into his drop, but overall shows average strength at this point of his career. Flashes solid recovery at times, especially against bigger, stronger defenders. Not consistent at recovering. Struggles to recover against speed.

Solid hand placement. Gets his hands into the upper chest and uses his fierce stiff arm to be a nuisance. Has grown tremendously in this area of his game from 2020 to 2021. Locks defenders into his block when he gets hands on them. Very strong hands and overall upper body. Understands different styles of techniques and how to attack defenders to gain leverage. Still can get better with his plan before the snap.

Shows decent strength as a pass blocker. Gets into his set and shows very decent bend against bigger, more powerful bodies. Technique has steadily improved. Inconsistent still even as a second season starter. Strong run blocker. Gets downhill fast and has the strength to move big 3-techs. Solid downhill lock technique. Engages very well.


Still learning his assignments. Will think he has help sometimes when he doesn’t. Struggles to pick up on stunts and other particulars thrown at him. Steady improvement in this area from 2020 to 2021. Makes adjustments quickly and on the fly.

Very professional and humble young man. No known off-field issues. Has stayed healthy throughout his career. Two year starter at Kansas State. Adler is still learning the position, compared to most players at this point of their careers. He’s steadily improved every year and still has room to improve with his footwork and his hand technique as he drops into pass protection.

Overall Grade
Offensive Guard: 70

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