Kenny Pickett was labeled as a potential riser by many analysts who are close to the NFL. Therefore, there was some intrigue surrounding him entering 2021. Pickett responded with the best season of his career, running for the Heisman Trophy until he was overtaken about halfway through the season. Regardless, the improvement in production that he showed was certainly eye-popping, throwing for touchdowns in 2021 (42) than he had the previous four years (39). 

The Measurables

Kenny Pickett

HT: 6033
WT: 219
WING: 7268
ARM: 3018
HAND: 858
DOB: 6/6/1998
Year: Redshirt Senior
High School: Ocean Township (Oakhurst, NJ)
HS Rating: 3 star (0.8538)
Phil Steele: PS#64

Combine Workout
40: 4.73
VJ: 33.5
BJ: 10-1
SS: 4.29

Kenny Pickett Complete Scouting Report

Average NFL arm strength. Has the ability to throw the ball well downfield when needed, and can throw well off platform. Struggles to drive the ball at times going deep to the perimeter. Struggles to drive the ball off-platform. Very similar arm talent to Joe Burrow. Flashes the ability to throw with touch, but tends to throw with all power the majority of times. Release is very average. Does show the ability to throw from multiple angles. Ball tends to get away from him sometimes.

Accuracy with Pickett is very spotty. Flashes the ability to throw well on the move. Very much a box accurate quarterback. Struggles to consistently hit the target. Placement is spotty from Pickett. He has the ability to hit but normally is slightly off on his placement. Flashes the ability to throw through tight windows when needed.

Quarterback Mechanics

Struggles tremendously while under pressure. Does work the pocket well especially when he attempts to buy himself some time. Positions for space to run. Tends to maneuver in the pocket well while trying to escape it. Doesn’t look comfortable stepping up into the pocket and using the space – wants to get outside as quick as he can. Works well to make defenders miss and gets into space. Tends to be raw and underdeveloped, especially in pressure and quick throw situations. Inconsistent at best. Feet could be faster, he plays with them a little bit heavy. Didn’t show much if any improvement in this regard over the course of the draft cycle.

Works well outside of the pocket to get to space and buy time on the play. Very effective rolling and throwing, both in bootleg motion and created situations. Very solid working through the bootleg. Shows some wheels to move outside of the pocket and get downfield. Average runner at the NFL level. Ball security in those situations will be an issue. Pickett’s hands are ridiculously small.

Shows some decent improvability. Keeps his eyes downfield looking for a play to take place even while on the move. Flashes some decent play extension ability, although not consistently.

Football Intelligence

Kenny Pickett has some excellent field vision and sees things happening very well. Especially effective in the red zone. Processing speed when adjusting from a man look to zone coverage is still a little slow. Has a tendency to try and force the ball into the middle of the field late, especially across his body. Doesn’t show a lot of ability accurately reading pre-snap coverages. Shows more of a pre-snap read/check down after the first option tendency. Kenny Pickett has grown that composure that you like to see. Maybe a little bit too arrogant and confident. No known off of the field issues.

Struggled with minor injuries throughout 2020 and 2021. Played through the majority of it. Kenny Pickett is not a polished product, despite what your favorite NFL Draft analyst might tell you on Twitter. He has a lot of mechanical issues and hasn’t really shown any comfort in working the pocket to go through reads and progressions. His feet could be better and faster. While he will always be limited because of his arm talent, he can improve his mechanics a little bit and really step up his game.

Overall Grade
Quarterback: 72

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