Kyle Hamilton is arguably the best safety prospect that we’ve seen for quite some time. He’s very versatile, proven by his 2020 to 2021 transformation. In 2020, Hamilton spent more time as more of a ROVER defender, playing closer to the line of scrimmage and was very effective. In 2021, he switched to more deep coverage and traditional free safety. 

The Measurables

Kyle Hamilton

HT: 6041
WT: 220
WING: 7968
ARM: 3300
HAND: 918
DOB: 3/15/2001
Year: Redshirt Sophomore
High School: Marist (Atlanta, GA)
HS Rating: 4 star (0.9700)
Phil Steele: PS#49

Combine Workout
40: 4.59
VJ: 38.0
BJ: 10-11
SS: 4.32
3C: 6.90

Pro Day Workout
40: 4.70

Kyle Hamilton Complete Scouting Report

Good speed. Very rangy athlete. Doesn’t look like he’s moving very fast because of his long strides, but I think he will run in the 4.5 range (ran a 4.59 at the Combine, a 4.56 at his pro day). Excellent lateral quickness. Excellent body control to work the sideline and makes sure he gets two feet down when attempting to make a big interception.

Might lack some upper body strength. Doesn’t look particularly capable in this area of his game, especially when engaged in blocks on the perimeter. Explosive lower half. Attacks and launches well, suggesting his lower half is very strong. Not particularly nasty. Does show some strength at times.

Change of direction is good, but not great. If he gets sucked away by quarterbacks eyes, he won’t normally make up for it by getting back into the play. In short spaces, reaction is great and his change of direction is very good.

Defender abilities

Strong tackler with a firm wrap-up ability. Doesn’t control the tackle as well as you’d like to see, especially in the red zone. Does get a firm grip and doesn’t often allow the ball carrier to get away. Normally good, but can slightly over-pursue while working downhill. Doesn’t always show great ability to work through traffic or blocks, but flashes the ability to work effectively through traffic. Tends to lean on being a little bit too aggressive and will under pursue a big play. Wasn’t really asked to blitz and assist as a pass rusher. Has the athleticism to do it.

Plays good deep zone coverage for the most part. Tends to be too aggressive and an experienced quarterback can move him with eye movement. However, is a ball hawk on the back end. Has the athleticism to stay with the receiver. Plays a bait-trail technique oftentimes so that he can work back into the play. Struggles to turn around and locate the football. Does play sticky coverage when asked to. Excellent space defender. Reacts very well and can take on multiple threats while in space. Makes the right decisions much more often than not.

Football Intelligence

Shows phenomenal instincts, moving into position on so many plays with subtle set ups. Reads concepts very well and moves into position to disrupt the play on the back end. See’s the field so well no matter where he is on the field, very natural instincts. Consistently in the right spot at the right time. Rarely found out of position. Very solid play recognition. Does things that suggest he’s aware of the play call based on the formation. Picks up on a lot of play structures at the beginning of motion.

Handles himself very well. Seems to be a very genuine person. Handles himself with the media well. No known off-field issues. Suffered a knee injury in 2021 that took Hamilton out of the rest of the season. Outside of that, has been healthy for the rest of his career. Kyle Hamilton has pretty much peaked and doesn’t offer much of an upside to his game. His game is strong and doesn’t have any real flaws that you want to see worked out outside of potential athletic limitations.

Overall Grade
Safety: 86

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By John Vogel

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