A transfer from Georgia by way of the JUCO system, Jermaine Johnson was the number one JUCO prospect coming out of his class in 2019. A dominant alpha-male personality, Johnson needs to be more consistent at the next level but is a very balanced player in terms of what he offers as a pass rusher and as a run defender. His versatility will be intriguing to NFL teams looking to add him to their lineup. 

The Measurables

Jermaine Johnson

HT: 6045
WT: 262
WING: 8318
ARM: 3400
HAND: 978
DOB: 1/7/1999
Year: Redshirt Senior
High School: Eden Prairie (Eden Prairie, MN)
HS Rating: 3 star (0.8003)
JUCO School: Independence
JUCO Rating: 4 star (0.9303)
Phil Steele: PS#1JC

Combine Workout
40: 4.58
VJ: 32.0
BJ: 10-5

Pro Day Workout
BP: 21

Jermaine Johnson Complete Scouting Report

Incredible speed and quickness, absolutely love his ability. Has the athletic tools to just dominate. Excellent lateral quickness. Uses his length to create space, than works around the blocker with his stellar lateral quickness. Impressive to watch on tape. Very good body control. Works well to pick through traffic with careful steps and the proper angles. First step isn’t great, but he takes his time to assess the blocker and the approach the blocker will be bringing to the rep. Attacks with his first step to set up the blocker before exploding into his second step.

Very explosive athlete overall. Flashes great explosion at times as he cuts and plays throughout the game. Has an excellent body build already, but looks like he could put on some upper body build still. Uses his lean very well, especially as a run defender to collapse. Didn’t dominate with that strength. Strong lower body, shows the ability to make moves and things happen that he shouldn’t be able to. Not particularly a “brute” per se, but is remarkably effective with his length and strength.

Balance is off of the charts. Shows strong footwork and keeps himself positioned well to make a play. Doesn’t offer much bend off the perimeter. Struggles to get low and dip under the blocker to utilize a speed rush. Needs to win through finesse. Hands could be utilized better, but he’s effective enough. Uses his length to create a lot of space. Doesn’t know what to do when he’s countered, want to see a deeper plan in his rep. Very smart hand placement. Uses his length extremely well.

Pure Defender Ability

Solid tackling ability. Wraps up well. Delivers a violent hit on impact. Wants to punish the ball carrier. Missed 8% of tackles throughout his career, per PFF. Struggles at times to play effectively in space. Doesn’t show a lot of great contain technique. Does make good tackles and chases ball carriers down in space. Shows the ability to be an effective pursuit defender, especially in the backfield. Struggles to work through traffic most of the time. Very strong instincts as a pass rusher. Keeps himself in position well. Shows some ability to sense out the pass play.

Not particularly gifted or nuanced in man coverage. Only played 53 coverage snaps throughout his entire career. Has athleticism, but I don’t think he is twitched up enough to really fill that role. Could be an effective zone coverage defender in the flats and the hooks. Wouldn’t ask him to play coverage anywhere else. Excellent motor. Does not give up. Plays through the whistle. Very much involved with the happenings of the team.

Very self-confident in his abilities. Does not lack any of that. Almost comes across as over-confident and cocky, but seems genuine. Alpha. Dealt with a sprained ankle in the Spring, 2019, while at Georgia. Dealt with a minor shoulder injury during the 2020 season. Was injured during the 2021 Spring Game at Florida State. Suffered a minor ankle/hamstring injury during the Senior Bowl week. Jermaine Johnson has some improvement that he can bring to his game to become an even better player. His hand work can improve, and when it does he should go into reps with a plan to use a counter move – which will make him a devastating player.

Overall Grade

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By John Vogel

NFL Draft Analyst. Dad.

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