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Rumors fly about a 2020 incident involving former Georgia football player Devonte Wyatt.

The NFL Draft is nearly here and that means rumor season is upon us. Teams will be trying to leverage their way to the players they covet and put out smoke screens to fool the other teams. This could be what is happening to Georgia football defensive lineman Devonte Wyatt. He has been the focus of some pretty harmful rumors as of late.

Those rumors are that some teams have taken former Georgia football player Wyatt off their draft boards due to “off-field concerns.” These concerns stem from an altercation between Wyatt and a female he had been living with back in 2020. Walter Football reports, “multiple teams have dropped Wyatt off their boards because of repeated incidents of domestic violence.”

“He’s off our board,” said an AFC general manager whose team needs defensive tackle help. “If teams are okay with the character, I think he goes between No. 21 and 32. He has a lot of red flags.”

-Walter Football

This situation is being blown out of proportion. Here is a quote from Marc Weiszer‘s article on the case back in June of 2020.

Police said Wyatt, a senior, kicked in a female’s exterior apartment door in McWhorter Hall multiple times on Feb. 21 to force it open. That came after an argument at the player’s Vandiver Hall dorm room. Neither Wyatt nor the female, who had lived together, said they feared for their safety.

– Savannah Morning News

Wyatt kicked in a door to the place he was staying and the damage cost about $500 to fix. It was labeled “family violence” because Wyatt and the female had been living together for a while before the incident. However, after reviewing the evidence and consulting with the alleged victim the case was dismissed. Proving the incident wasn’t that serious.

Why teams should still consider drafting Wyatt

Any team that uses this situation as a reason not to draft Wyatt high in the NFL Draft next week is doing themselves a disservice. Not only did Wyatt show out at the NFL Combine back in March, but he also accrued 113 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, 5 sacks, 3 pass breakups, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 fumbles recovered over his time in Athens playing for Georgia football.

Wyatt doesn’t deserve to be devalued because of an incident that happened two years ago getting blown out of proportion. Especially if the reason is being an NFL team trying to get him cheaper than they should for their own gain. This young man did nothing deserving of being taken off any team’s draft boards and deserves to get drafted with the rest of his Georgia football teammates.

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By Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and former expert for Dawn of the Dawg.

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