In breaking news, it was officially reported today that Deebo Samuel has requested a trade from the San Francisco 49ers. In reality, it was a matter of time before this took place, yet it is still shocking to see. With that being said, there are going are thirty-one other teams chomping at the bit to potentially try landing the pro bowl wide receiver. One of them being the Philadelphia Eagles.

Earlier this off-season the Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons had actually agreed to a deal including Calvin Ridley. That deal was eventually called off by the Falcons due to Ridley’s betting situation. The Eagles have showed that they’re willing to be aggressive to try and find a new weapon for Jalen Hurts, but thus far have been unsuccessful. Howie Roseman and the Eagles could make that right by trading for Deebo Samuel.

Considering Deebo Samuel is one of the leagues top 20 overall players, the 49ers wont be letting him go for cheap. This situation reminds me a lot of the Vikings/Stefon Diggs fiasco. Diggs was a young 26 year old receiver who wanted to get paid top dollar and the Vikings wouldn’t budge to rework his current contract. Despite what reports have said about the 49ers willingness to pay Samuel, if they were, he’d be signed by now. Deebo who is now 25 years old and going into his fourth season wants to get paid top dollar and rightfully so.

Eagles Potential Trade Compensation

So what could a potential deal between the Eagles and 49ers look like? The Vikings received a 1st, 5th, 6th, and a future 4th round pick from the Buffalo Bills for Stefon Diggs. The only difference between the two scenarios is that Deebo Samuel is a UFA in ’23 and Diggs had 3 more years on his contract. Samuel being a UFA after the season is tricky situation. In one hand, you potentially wouldn’t have to deal as much capital to trade for him. On the other hand, you’d have the offer him a contract immediately after the trade is made and that contract would be for a pretty penny.

The 49ers are going to start the negotiations wanting at least a 1st round pick. The Eagles luckily have two of them (15/18). The real question is, how much more additional capital will they be willing to add? Basing this trade off of the Stefon Diggs deal to Buffalo, you’d likely see a 3rd rounder added this year, along with a a future or current 4th or 5th round pick. Now would the Eagles be willing to offer that much capital? That’s questionable even knowing how aggressive Howie Roseman can be in trade negotiations.

Today, Howie Roseman spoke on the wide receiver market and how he feels he’d handle the situation.

Some may look at this and think well there’s no shot he’s trading for a big time wide receiver now, but I think its the opposite. Howie Roseman is a type of guy who doesn’t show his cards before dealing, and I think this is a case of that. When Roseman says “Sometimes you have to take risks and you’ve got to stand out there and do something different than everybody else” it got me thinking back to the deal that almost happened with Atlanta. They were going to take that risk for a top 15 receiver in the NFL before it fell apart. Knowing that they took that shot for Ridley, it gives me hope that they could be looking to take that risk on trading for a receiver of Deebo Samuel’s caliber.

What Trading For Deebo Samuel Does For This Offense?

Deebo Samuel is a perfect fit for the Philadelphia Eagles, and complements the pieces of this offense tremendously. Samuel is versatile and can line up at any three receiver spots, just like DeVonta Smith, and Quez Watkins can. He’d give Nick Sirianni’s offense another weapon to line up in any spot and produce. Per PFF, Samuel lined up out wide for 591 snaps and in the slot for 239 snaps while leading the NFL in YPC (18.1).

Samuel’s ability to rack up YAC is one the many factors when it comes to trading for him. The Eagles have desperately been searching for a receiver with YAC ability for years and have not been able to find it. Trading for Deebo Samuel solves that issue right out the gate. Deebo Samuel also broke 22 tackles as a receiver/running back last season which is dramatically needed for this team.

Adding a top 10 receiver to a receiving core of DeVonta Smith, and Quez Watkins only makes life easier for Jalen Hurts. The goal is to give Hurts every opportunity to succeed correct? Adding another proven play maker next to DeVonta Smith, who many believe will be a star should take Jalen Hurts to the next level. Acquiring Samuel not only does it make life easier for Hurts and the receiving core, it takes pressure off Dallas Goedert and the Eagles running back core. Samuel opens up all three levels simply due to his skill set and ability to attack you in a variety of different ways.


There are 8 days until the draft, and I expect Samuel to be traded before then. The Eagles have the money and draft capital to acquire a receiver of the magnitude of Deebo Samuel. The fit between the Eagles and Samuel is almost too perfect to describe. Will Howie Roseman “take the risk” that sets them apart from the norm of continuous selections of 1st round receivers, or will they take that shot of landing a premier and proven receiver?

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