The NFL offseason is finally here, and with that comes the most exciting time, free agency. This years’ free agency has been one of the most exciting in recent memory, likely due to the Rams team building philosophy. There’s lots of trades to break down, and this is part three of an article series doing just that. That being said, let’s break down some of the big trades that have happened so far this year.

Robert Woods: Rams 🠮 Titans

Rams Receive: 2023 6th round

This move was a salary dump essentially, similar to the Aqib Talib trade a couple of years ago. Woods is coming off an ACL tear so he didn’t command much in a trade, also considering what the Browns got for Amari Cooper. Woods was a consistent part of the Sean McVay offense ever since he arrived in 2017. This move freed up some cap space for the Rams, and they essentially chose Allen Robinson over him. The Rams are better off in the long term, but lost a big presence on and off the field.

Titans Receive: Robert Woods

This was a pretty great move for the Titans. They acquire Woods for a good price, and pair him with AJ Brown. Woods is probably the most consistent receiver they’ve had in a while, as last year was the only time he missed due to injury. This move was in an effort to replace Julio Jones, another injured veteran receiver they traded for. Woods still has some good football left in the tank, but we’ll have to see how he recovers from his injury.

Grade: Rams: C+, Titans: B

Matt Ryan: Falcons 🠮 Colts

Falcons Receive: 2022 3rd round

Matty Ice’s tenure in Atlanta is finally over. After playing his entire career thus far in the red and black, Ryan gets a new start in Indy. He’s replacing Carson Wentz, who didn’t impress the Colts at all last season. The Falcons are beginning to rebuild, and will likely select a QB in this or next years’ draft. They got decent value for their aging veteran, and the more picks the better. Both sides needed a fresh start and Ryan was another piece in the QB carousel this offseason.

Colts Receive: Matt Ryan

Another year, another starting QB for the Colts. The Colts have been through a plethora of starting QBs in recent years since Andrew Luck retired. Ryan is also the best quarterback the Colts have had since Luck. The Colts are trying to compete in a tough AFC, and Ryan gives them a better chance than Wentz. They believe Ryan is the missing piece for them to get back to the playoffs and dethrone the Titans for the top spot in the south, and they got their guy. This was essentially a Wentz for Ryan swap and we’ll have to see how it works out.

Grade: Falcons: B-, Colts: B+

Tyreek Hill: Chiefs 🠮 Dolphins

Chiefs Receive: 2022 1st round, 2022 2nd round, 2022 4th round, 2023 4th round, 2023 6th round

This trade came out of nowhere, as the Mahomes, Kelce, Hill duo seemed to be tied to Kansas City for a while. This was another situation in which the star wanted more money, and the team had no choice but to trade them. The Chiefs are pretty thin on cap space due to Mahomes’ massive deal, and didn’t have room for another one. They got great value for Hill compared to Deandre Hopkins and Amari Cooper. The Chiefs now have a chance to reload with those extra picks and build up some more young talent around Mahomes. However, it will be hard to replace one of the best in the game, but the Chiefs will have to try. The rest of the AFC West only got better this offseason, as the Chiefs got worse.

Dolphins Receive: Tyreek Hill

Chris Grier did his best Les Snead impression and said screw those picks. The Dolphins wanted to make a big splash within the division and traded for a top 3 wide receiver. Grier has done everything in his power to surround Tua Tagovailoa with talent on offense, so this is a make or break year for him. The new duo of Hill and Waddle should be more than enough for Tua to take the next steps as a QB, and gives them a better chance at a wild card spot next season

Grade: Chiefs: C, Dolphins: A

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