The draft is only days away and the Rams fans will have to wait till the third round to hear what new player will be joining the team. This draft seems to be a bit more unpredictable than ones in the past, but can the same be said for Snead and co.? Let’s breakdown what positions the Rams will be targeting and how likely they are to draft them.


Defensive Back

This is the player selection that I’m 100% sure of. Whether it be a safety or a corner, the Rams will be selecting a defensive back in this years’ draft. They are pretty thin on the depth chart after free agency departures at the position two years in a row. Snead also does love drafting safeties only to let him walk for a comp pick years later. This draft is full of talented DBs, and personally I’d like to see them pick up Qwuantrezz Knight from UCLA due to his versatility as a defender

Offensive Lineman

This is another position that should be a surefire pick. Behind the offensive line starters currently, there’s not a lot of depth at the position. After Corbett departed in free agency, I would say guard is the most likely position they would pick, then tackle and center in that order. Havenstein was great last year, but I could see them drafting his replacement that isn’t on the roster currently. They could possibly address the line with their first pick at 104, I’d like to see Kellen Diesch out of ASU.

Inside Linebacker

Linebacker has been a need for the Rams for a while, and even after signing Bobby Wagner I could see them adding another ILB. Behind Ernest Jones and Wagner, there’s not much depth in the LB room. Troy Reeder departed in free agency and that only leaves Travin Howard and Christian Rozeboom, neither of whom have been impressive. Expect the Rams to draft a cover linebacker with one of their later picks in the draft.

Running Back

Here’s another position that might come as a surprise, some more depth at running back. After what happened injury wise with the backs last season, I think they will look into drafting a guy for depth reasons. All of the backs on the roster currently have had injury concerns at some point in their careers, so drafting another to compete for a spot wouldn’t be a bad idea. Darrell Henderson is also on the last year of his rookie contract, so it they decide to replace him, now would be the time. Similar to them picking him to backup Gurley for injury concerns I could see the same thing happening again this year.



After Johnny Hekker leaving, there’s some big shoes to fill at punter. After putting together one of the best college punting seasons ever, the consensus pick is San Diego State’s Matt Araiza. I could see them drafting a punter, but I think there’s also an equal chance of them rolling with Riley Dixon the entire year as their guy. Special teams players in the draft are hard to evaluate but I could see this position going either way.

Defensive Tackle

The Rams like to have a good rotation on the defensive line, so a defensive lineman is likely to join the team. Especially at nose tackle, surround Aaron Donald with the best talent possible should be the goal, so I think that they’ll draft competition for Bobby Brown.

Wide Receiver

As many saw in the Super Bowl after OBJ went down, the Rams don’t have that much depth at WR. Kupp and Robinson are locked in to start next year, but depth wise there isn’t much talent. Even if they are special teams contributors I could see them adding a wideout, more specifically a deep threat.

Probably Not


This one should be pretty obvious as to why it is in this section. John Wolford signed his tender in the offseason, and Bryce Perkins is still on the roster, both as back ups. I don’t see the Rams drafting a QB in a pretty thin class, and given the fact that they carried 3 on the roster last season


Here’s another position the Rams have locked in. Matt Gay hasn’t signed a long term deal yet, but he’s the Rams kicker for next season no matter what. After his great season in 2021, I’d be very surprised if they picked a kicker in this draft.

Tight End

The Rams’ tight end room is a pretty deep one. Led by Tyler Higbee, the Rams have picked 2 tight ends in each of the last two drafts, so I can’t see them doing that again. Unless they go for another developmental guy like Jacob Harris or a contributor on special teams, don’t expect a tight end’s name to be called.

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