As a quarterback at any level of the game you are supposed to be the most confident person on and off the field no matter what. In the face of adversity you should be the one comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations. Even situations that may or may not have an impact on your job security. Rookie quarterback gets drafted so the starting veteran gets uneasy, it’s a tale as old as Tom Brady. The quarterback who recently felt perturbed by the selection of a quarterback was Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Ryan Tannehill just lost his best wide receiver, his second best wide receiver, and now his number one target is a man who is just getting back from tearing his ACL off the gristle. Mr.Tannehill has bigger things than the 86th overall pick in the NFL Draft.

The audacity of someone who is not even a top 15 quarterback in this league to slight anybody is crazy. No MVP’s, never lead the league in anything, coming off a 21/14 season, I’m not sure Malik Willis would want his mentorship anyway. Unless the lesson is on how to trick an organization into giving you a bag, Tannehill’s insight probably wouldn’t be needed. Here’s what Mr.Tannehill had to say about the Malik Willis situation.

What The Job Entails

The “It’s not my job” attitude can sink a ship faster than an ice berg. It may not be in your job description to do certain things that go above and beyond but sometimes you do. Ryan Tannehill is going to be around this young man a lot like he alluded to so why not help him along the way? Nobody said teach him how to play quarterback because you can barley do that, but at least show him what it takes to be a pro in that system, how to maneuver in the locker room, and more. Being a leader of the team is more than just running out of a tunnel with them on Sundays. I don’t believe that Tannehill is a true leader, a true leader wouldn’t start his public relationship with a rookie quarterback by burying him in the media. Once again this is coming from a guy who got overpaid because he knows how to hand it off to a generational running back correctly.

A running back who saw the Titans draft Michigan running back Hassan Haskins. Do you think Derrick Henry is going to come out and say he doesn’t plan on mentoring Haskins? Absolutely not. Henry is secure in his ability to be the best on the field at all times and continue to carry the load even if that means lightening that load with a rookie reliever.

I work in the restaurant industry as a host. Before I got to my current restaurant I was certified as a host trainer. That means every new hire that comes through door gets trained by me on how everything works, what we do, and how to keep the business flowing. Imagine if I did not want to show my trainee everything they needed to know, I’m out sick for a couple weeks, now they’re struggling because I did not train to the best of my ability. If Tannehill were to get hurt and Willis has to step up how would it look if he doesn’t properly prepare him for that temporary starting role? There’s a man in Green Bay who got covid who helped his understudy fill in for his role but he gets painted as the villain, go figure.

Cohesiveness over Competition

Kurt Warner Sounds Off

The mentality that Kurt is speaking against is a nasty one to have. At the end of the day this is a business but it is a team business. Tannehill’s career could end sooner than he thinks, or whenever it does you would think that he would want the team to be left in good hands. You are the starting quarterback, nobody has said your job is in danger, why are you so reluctant to ensure Malik Willis is able to one day lead this team as you did? There probably will not be any quarterback competition for the starting job so focus on being a teammate, study partner, and leader of a young man who is new to your team.

Ryan Tannehill was probably the kid in middle school who told the new kid the wrong way to get to their next class so they would be lost. Somebody sit Tannehill down to watch Tom Brady’s documentary to see how Drew Bledsoe handled that situation like a champ. Ryan is already handling his like a chump, be better.

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